‘It’s a pinch me moment’ Maya Jama opens up on new TV role ahead of ITV series

Walk the line: Maya Jama says new job is a 'pinch me moment'

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TV and Radio presenter Maya Jama joined Sunday Brunch hosts Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy to speak about her upcoming ITV series Walk The Line. Airing tonight on ITV, Maya spoke about how hosting the new singing competition was a childhood dream and described the experience as a “pinch-me moment.”

Reflecting on her childhood dreams, Maya said: “Around those days [school years] I used to watch and be like ‘One day I want to host a show like this’.

“Then now I suppose this is it, so it’s like a pinch-me moment but also really scary because I hope people like it!”

Wanting to know more about the show, Tim asked: “So how many acts are there a night?”

Maya revealed: “Five acts a night, all good singers already, they’ve all got some kind of singing experience.

“Whether they’ve been in theatre or have a band already and perform songs on stage and stuff.”

Simon also asked: “So, is it their own material, or can they sing covers and stuff?”

Maya continued: “It’s up to them, you can choose to do your own song or do a cover, it’s because there’s some really, really good singers on there.”

Speaking about the judges role, Maya explained: “They give them feedback, they can give them advice.

“But it’s kind of hard to give someone advice on whether you should leave with £20,000 or risk it all.

“If you walk the line and you don’t get the green light or the gold light, then you go home with nothing, £10,000 £20,000 is a lot of money.”

Tim went on to ask: “They all seem like nice people, who is the nasty judge?”

Modestly, Maya said: “I don’t think there is, obviously there is some critique there, but I’ll let you make your own minds up, no one’s nasty, though!”

Commenting on Tim’s question, Simon said: “That sort of feels like what should happen now, isn’t it, we live in a world where we try and kind of make people more empathetic and supportive.

“It feels like there shouldn’t be a nasty judge anymore,” to which Maya replied: “I mean, you can tell someone that might not have been your best, but you don’t have to be horrible.”

Maya also revealed she was thrilled to find out she would be working alongside Alesha Dixon as she used to “imitate” her as a teen.

Speaking exclusively to Biz on Sunday, Maya revealed: “When I was younger, I used to try to learn all of Alesha’s bits in Mis-Teeq.

“People used to say I resembled her a bit because we both had deep voices and petite features.

“We performed together too. She was probably the first famous person I interviewed on radio when I was 19. And we did a little rap, a little back and forth. She was great.

“She’s always been exactly the same and showed so much love. She’s just a really nice, wholesome person.”

Walk The Line comes from X Factor creator Simon Cowell and is a talent show where the wannabe musicians can win up to £50,000, the contestants will then have to decide whether to cash out or “Walk the Line” as the risk it all

Walk The Line starts tonight at 8pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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