It ruins the holiday GB News host fumes over Balearics travel rule changes

Balearic Islands: GB News hosts discuss move to amber list

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GB News host Rebecca Hutson informed Nana Akua and Rosie Wright about the recent announcement Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza have now moved from the green list to the amber travel list. Rosie couldn’t contain her frustration at the situation, explaining the update will lead to more confusion for UK travellers.

“Well, I wanted to just have a look at this new change in the travel traffic light system again,” Rebecca began.

Pointing to Nana and Rosie, she added: “You touched on it with the papers this morning.

“The Balearic Islands, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, have now gone on to the amber list.”

Rebecca appeared frustrated by the news, exclaiming: “It’s just more chaos and confusion for holidaymakers isn’t it?

“We’re all kind of gearing up, supposedly, thinking that we’re going to maybe have a summer holiday this year.

“And now there’s another change,” she remarked, as her fellow hosts nodded in agreement. “It kicks in at 4am on Monday [July 19].

“The Mayor has gone really big on it, there’s a big double-page spread on it.”

Rebecca explained: “These are maybe party islands, the destinations for younger holiday goers who are now not double-jabbed, or who are most likely not double-jabbed rather.

“They will now have to quarantine for 10 days upon return from travelling there.”

Rosie revealed a friend of hers had gone ahead and booked a holiday as they were desperate to get away.

However, she didn’t feel the same, telling her co-hosts: “I’m not in that category where I’m itching for a holiday.

“You suddenly have this security, green, you book it and then it just ruins the holiday!

“The stress and anxiety of hearing that news is like, ‘When’s our flight back?’, and ‘When can we book it?’”

Nana was also irritated asking: “Why did they bother, I mean we know what the situation is.

“Things are changing all the time – red, yellow, green, or whatever. It’s just so uncertain, and there’s a lot of problems going on there.

“You could find yourself with Covid on the holiday, you could find the status of the thing changing, and then you could find yourself treated in another country.

“Why would you put yourself at risk? Just stay at home.”

Rosie and Rebecca agreed with her sentiments but noted: “I think some think that if you were going closer to home, you’ve got more of a likelihood of it staying green.

“Maybe you’d just feel a bit safer just hopping across the Mediterranean to the Balearic Islands, but that’s not possible.”

Rebecca added the aviation industry was taking a major hit as well as the country has, so far, failed to get the travel industry up and running again, which is greatly affecting the industry’s workers.

“We just haven’t got the holiday industry back on its feet at all,” she said.

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