Is Tiffany in love with Bernie as she celebrates her sexuality in EastEnders?

It’s one of the strongest relationships in EastEnders and, for a long time, it seemed clear that Bernie Taylor’s (Clair Norris) feelings of love for Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) ran far deeper than her best mate’s. Bernie has been trying to accept that nothing will ever happen between them but every time she manages to get past her feelings for Tiffany, something happens to make them resurge. 

Recently, Tiffany tried to help Bernie’s self esteem but ended up catfishing her by setting up a fake profile as a girl called Sophia, who Bernie quickly fell for. What Bernie didn’t realise is that it was Tiff she was talking to so it was no wonder that she was enamoured by this person and Tiffany realised too late that she had done the wrong thing.

Finding out about Tiffany’s deceit, Bernie wanted nothing more to do with her and claimed she was jealous as she didn’t want her to feel love for anymore more than her. Could Bernie have hit a nerve more than she realised?

As the Walford Pride event dawned, Karen (Lorraine Stanley) and the rest of the family rallied around Bernie as she headed to her first ever LGBTQI* celebration. But she found it nerve wracking – until she had a pep talk with Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White), who assured her that she felt the same at her first Pride.

As Bernie got into the spirit, seeing love, laughter and colours everywhere, she embraced her confidence and headed to the centre of the crowd as drag Crystal Rasmussen sang to the residents. And as Bernie jumped up and down in the air, with a glitterball lighting up her smile and new found joy in herself, Tiffany watched her from afar with affection.

But is she just really proud of her friend? Or is she discovering that perhaps she may reciprocate Bernie’s feelings?

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