Is The Flash on tonight? Season 6, episode 16 air date revealed – The Sun

FANS of The Flash are LOVING season 6, which kicked off in October 2019.

But with the current pandemic sweeping the world they have been left unsure when the show is next on.

Is The Flash on tonight?

The show is NOT on tonight (March 24, 2020).

Episode 16 of season 6 was due to air at 8/7c on CW.

However The Flash has taken a hiatus amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The network has halted the production of future episodes amid COVID-19 spread.

When will The Flash season 6 episode 16 air?

The next episode of The Flash will now air in April.

You can catch season 6 episode 16 on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 8/7c on CW.

The show is called So Long and Goodnight.

What will happen on The Flash season 6 episode 16?

The next episode will see the return of villainous organisation Black Hole.

The official synopsis reads: Black Hole wants to kill Joe West. They recruit Rag Doll to accomplish their mission.

Meanwhile, Singh believes that if Joe takes Witness Protection he might be able to save himself.

However, Joe refuses to take Singh's advice and continues investigating Joseph Carver, the CEO of McCulloch Technologies and a member of Black Hole.

As Cisco and Ralph continue to investigate Carver, Ralph bumps into Sue, his wife. As for Iris, her fears begin to turn into reality as her suspicion of Eva grows.


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