Is Bobby Beale a Muslim in EastEnders and what is his secret?

Bobby Beale isn’t exactly the most popular guy in Walford, and his return from prison has been met with a lukewarm reception from the other Albert Square residents to say the least.

Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) went to jail for four years for killing his sister Lucy after he nearly killed his step-mum Jane (Laurie Brett) with a hockey stick.

Now that he’s back on the Square, and been met with so much hostility from the likes of Max Branning (Jake Wood), Bobby’s due to find peace through a new faith…

Is Bobby Beale a Muslim?

Bobby’s secret is that he’s been exploring Islam, and he will be converting in upcoming scenes.

The Muslim faith will help him find peace and move on from his dark and violent past.

Bobby is currently living in the house where he killed his older sister when he was just a child, so he’ll no doubt need all the help he can get.

Not only that, but, before he went to prison, he also walloped his own step-mum over the head with a hockey stick so hard he confessed at the time that he believed he killed her as well as Lucy.

Iqra (Priya Davdra) has previously invited Bobby to join the Ahmeds for Eid.

Following another talk with Iqra he’ll eventually decide to join them for the celebrations.

Bobby’s happiness won’t last long however, because he’ll soon have to explain his choice to convert to Islan to Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

Ian will struggle with the news, but after a stern talking-to from Kathy, he’ll decide to make a special dinner for himself and his son so that they can talk the whole thing out.

But will Bobby ever truly be able to make Ian understand?

EastEnders has worked with the Muslim Youth Helpline to develop the story, and Zohra Khaku, the director of the organisation has said: ‘The Muslim Youth Helpline have been providing feedback on Bobby’s storyline with the BBC EastEnders team.

‘In a time where young British Muslims see their faith overwhelmingly represented in a negative way, it is heartening to see Islam portrayed as a positive influence in Bobby’s life.’

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