'Inventing Anna': Anna Sorokin's Current Relationship With Her Father Vadim Sorokin

The Netflix series Inventing Anna focuses on Anna Delvey, the “fake German heiress” found guilty of scamming thousands of dollars from New York socialites, banks, and hotels. She was born Anna Sorokina to Vadim Sorokin in 1991, but after seeing the Shonda Rhimes series, many people are curious about Sorokin’s relationship with her father today. Here’s what we know. 

Anna Delvey’s relationship with her parents in ‘Inventing Anna’ 

In the Netflix series, journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky), modeled after real-life journalist Jessica Pressler, visits Sorokin’s family in Germany. Sorokin grew up in Eschweiler, where her family moved after leaving Russia when she was 7-years-old.

There, Vivian discovers Vadim, who moved to Germany to create a better life for his family but must combat ridicule from his neighbors, who think he has ties to the Russian mob. Disgraced by Anna’s actions in America, Vadim is upset when Vivian comes looking for answers. 

Neff Davis says Anna Sorokin talks with her mother and father

During an interview with Vulture, Neffatari “Neff” Davis opened up about her relationship with Sorokin/Delvey. The two remain friends to this day because, as Davis explained, she “never saw the bad side of Anna.” 

“I never got scammed by her,” said the filmmaker. “She never didn’t pay me back. It is interesting to see people disappointed in my friendship with Anna. I’m [the same way] with all my friends.” 

Today, Davis and Sorokin “speak as much as [they] can” because she doesn’t have family in America. “I try to give her some type of stamina to keep going because she literally has no one out here,” Davis elaborated. “I mean, of course, she talks to her dad and mom, but they’re so far away, and they’re so confused about her fame.”

Anna backed Davis’ claims up in an interview with Insider. “I talk to my parents a couple of times a week, and I guess they are learning to deal with the whole situation,” she said.

Anna Sorokin says ‘Inventing Anna’s portrayal of her relationship with her parents isn’t far off 

As Sorokin told Insider, the Netflix series accurately portrays her family dynamic. “Generally, I would definitely agree that my parents did not really know what to do with me,” she said. In the early aughts, Sorokin kept her personal life from her parents because, as she explained, they “have different interests.” 

“I don’t feel like my parents were really involved in like day-to-day life,” Sorokin said. “Sometimes, they would not even know what country I’d be in. There would definitely be a time they didn’t know if I was like in Paris, Germany, or the states.”

For Sorokin, it was about doing her own thing. She explained: “It meant a lot to me to just go and do something on my own.”  

Anna Sorokin’s father supports her immigration case

In April 2019 shortly after Anna’s conviction, Vadim spoke to the Daily Mail. “I really do hope my daughter finds what she is looking for, whatever it is,” he said at the time. 

“I do not have any influence on her life and what she does. It is down to her what she has done and it is something I am not comfortable to talk about.” 

While Vadim did not attend Anna’s trial, he did write letters of support for her immigration court hearings. She was released from prison in February 2021 but arrested again just six weeks later for overstaying her visa.

“We will support her with adaptation to the company’s workflow,” Vadim wrote of his plans to give her “every chance to integrate back into normal life” (via Insider). At publication, Sorokin is in ICE custody awaiting a decision about her potential deportation.

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