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GEORDIE Shore's party-loving stars shot to fame in the days before Love Island's picture perfect model-like contestants.

Part of their charm was their relatability with everyone knowing a Charlotte, Holly or Vicky in their pocket of the country.

But their meteoric rise to fame and the close scrutiny that came with it brought new challenges they weren't initially prepared for.

Nearly all of the show's biggest names opted for surgery to overcome their various insecurities.

And for later names, like Abbie Holborn, who recently underwent a second boob job, cosmetic surgery is now commonplace in the circles they move in.

However, in recent years some of the OGs have expressed regret at certain procedures and have even reversed processes for a more natural look.


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We look at how some of the show's best-known names have ditched their enhanced appearances and are feeling happier for it.

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte, 32, was frequently mocked for the size of her plump pout after getting them blown up with filler.

The star, who's spent over £20,000 on facial procedures over the years, admitted in December that even her late nan hated her lips.

After becoming a mum, Charlotte decided to scale back her mouth and had her fillers dissolved.

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The result proved a big hit with fans, with one writing: "It's so good to see the original Charlotte again!"

Another posted: "You look SOOOO much better without the lip filler honestly your face is so pretty and even when you're talking it looks so much more natural and you’ve got so much more movement and expression in your face."

Not all of Charlotte's procedures have resulted in regret though.

She had corrective surgery to her 'uniboob' – a rare medical condition called symmastia – which boosted her confidence and put an end to cruel troll taunts.

Vicky Pattison

Reality favourite Vicky, 35, reached a similar conclusion to Charlotte about lip fillers and cosmetic treatments slightly earlier than her co-star.

While she stands by her decision to have a boob job, boosting her chest from 32B to 32D, she is less positive about filler and Botox.

Speaking to the Sun in 2021, she said of her look: "I would love to think we’re going to embrace a more organic, honest, natural vibe.

“I made this public stance against Botox, fillers and young people having plastic surgery about five years ago.

“Loads of people I knew were getting work done and it was such a shame, as they were so beautiful before.

“Sometimes I look at Instagram and think I’m the only one getting older.

“I’m opposed to especially young people whose faces are still developing putting toxins and whatever else in their face but it’s a personal choice.

“Don’t get me wrong, if there’s anything anti-ageing on the market you can guarantee I’ve bought it! But when it comes to sticking needles in parts of your body, I’m not so sure."

Holly Hagan

Holly, 30, has had one of the most dramatic transformations of her co-stars.

Known for her bright red hair when she appeared on the programme, Holly was also one of the hardest partying stars.

However, that lifestyle is but a distant memory now that she is committed to health and fitness.

Over the years, she's transformed her body the hard way with hours spent working out to achieve a slender athletic figure.

Holly previously described herself as a "less is more kinda girl at the moment" but is still open to the odd bit of filler and Botox.

Bigger procedures are out of the question though, and she regrets going too far with surgeries like two Brazilian Butt Lifts.

She said: "The point is I’m having to live with the saggy deflated bag of jelly I have left for a bum and there’s no way I’m going through more surgery to attempt to fix it so I will live with my mistakes.

"I’m proud of the healthy, balanced, non restrictive life style I’ve managed to achieve and if me sharing my story helps even one person reconsider surgery it was worth sharing."

The personal trainer has also scaled back the 32FF implants she had done on the show for a more manageable DD cup.

She said: "The big boobed trend soon passed and I found myself desperate to feel more in proportion again. I felt so much bigger than I actually was."

Sophie Kasaei

Sophie, 33, said she and her co-stars craved Kim Kardashian's look in their early days of fame.

She was bombarded with free surgery offers from Turkish clinics and took up some of them, but was left scarred and traumatised by the results.

In one instance she nearly died when an abscess developed in her bum after a BBL.

However, now she's older and wiser, Sophie knows what she wants.

Last year she had a breast reduction going from an E to a small C cup.

Following her surgery, she said: "Having a breast reduction was not an easy decision or recovery but I am so glad I did it.

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"No more back or shoulder pain and no more boob tape. If you are ever considering a breast reduction please make sure you do your research.

"This kind of procedure is not for the faint hearted. But the feeling I have now is worth it."

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