How many times has Billie Eilish changed her hair color?

BILLIE Eilish may not have been in the spotlight long, but she has certainly changed her look a lot in that time.

The teenage singing sensation is known for switching up her hair color.

How many times has Billie Eilish changed her hair color?

Billie has changed up her hair color multiple times since her rise to fame in 2018.

At the time the singer exploded onto the music scene, she had silver-purple hair.

She then changed her hair color to a deep shade of blue in summer 2018.

It wasn't until April 2019, Eilish debuted a darker hair shade.

But it was in July 2019 that she debuted her green roots and dark hair that she kept right up until 2021.

In March 2021 she shocked fans when she revealed her new blonde locks.

What is Billie Eilish's natural hair color?

Billie was actually born blonde, would you believe it.

So her new platinum locks are her going back to her natural look.

What's Billie Eilish's wig conspiracy theory?

Fans are convinced Billie's new blonde hair is a wig.

TikTok is currently filled with multiple videos speculating that she is wearing a hair piece to cover up a new look that she will reveal soon.

Some people have speculated that Billie is wearing the wig due to hair damage from dying her hair, but others think that it's to hide a new look that she's about to debut alongside her second album. 

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