How Kumail Nanjiani and Wife Emily V. Gordon’s Quarantine Podcast Brought Them Closer: ‘It’s Been Really Good for Our Relationship’

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In addition to learning more about his wife of nearly 13 years, The Lovebirds star is proud that Gordon, a former therapist, is using some of her professional skills in their discussions about emotional well-being.

"She's sort of able to use that part of her talents again," says Nanjiani. "It's been interesting because [in the beginning] we were like, "What would the podcast be?" And we did the first one really not knowing, and then I [thought], 'Oh obviously it should be you using all the therapy stuff you know, people need it.' "

Nanjiani and Gordon post new episodes of "Staying In with Emily and Kumail" each week and The Lovebirds is now available on Netflix.

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