Horror Comedy Series From ‘Psych’ Creator Steve Franks & ‘A Quiet Place’ Producers In Works At Amazon

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon has put in development Mitchcraft (working title), a hybrid comedy series from the Psych duo of creator/executive producer Steve Franks and executive producer Chris Henze of Thruline, and the Fully Formed Entertainment duo of Brad Fuller and Andrew Form who are behind such hit horror feature franchises as A Quiet Place, The Purge and Ouija.

Mitchcraft is in “a newly-invented sub-genre: Aspirational Horror” and aims to “make scary fun again,” Frank said.

Described as a two-handed relationship comedy with a genre twist, Mitchcraft follows a small town fire marshal who realizes he may have inadvertently harnessed the power of the Supernatural and become, for lack of a better term, a witch.

Mitchcraft’s origins can be traced back to the slew of popular horror parodies on Franks’ USA crime dramedy Psych.

“Over the course of Psych, we had the opportunity and freedom to play with different genres, worlds and themes within the confines of a procedural mystery,” Franks said. “Comedy was always the constant, but thanks to an obsessive cast and our collective reverence for stories like The Shining, American Werewolf in London, Twin Peaks, the Friday the 13th & Halloween franchises, among others, we often found the most joy by putting funny people in incredibly dangerous and scary situations.”

Mitchcraft’s jumping off point will be “an extension and a magnification of that type of genre mash-up,” Franks said.

As for him and Henze collaborating with longtime friends Fuller and Form, “adding Brad and Andrew to the mix is a real asset that will allow us to tap into some expertise in the genre space that we love, while injecting it with our brand of ridiculousness,” Franks said.

Franks and Henze executive produced 122 episodes of Psych , which aired on USA Network from 2006-2014, building a devoted fan base over an eight-season run. The series has spawned two reunion movies, both written and directed by Franks. The second of them, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, will premiere this spring on NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming platform, Peacock.

Fully Formed Entertainment produced John Krasinski’s global box office hit A Quiet Place, and they are currently in post-production on A Quiet Place 2, working with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, Fuller and Form have been behind such hits as the 2003 reboot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2005’s Amityville Horror, the Ouija franchise and The Purge series which has made close to a half billion dollars worldwide and spawned a television series. They’ve produced 18 films grossing north of $2.3 billion dollars worldwide and four TV series including Amazon’s current hit Jack Ryan.

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