Hollyoaks Scott actors life – star-studded wedding, Corrie link and fan outrage

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Scott makes a heartwarming decision in Hollyoaks, as he agrees to look after his friend's daughter Mary over Christmas.

As he gets to grips with parenting, he also gets some useful tips from Aunt Diane, while dealing with his sadness over Mitchell.

Since 2015, Scott Drinkwell has been through a lot of ups and downs – from his villainous earlier days, to having fun and becoming more mischievous with cousin Sinead.

However before joining Hollyoaks, Ross had a secret link to another popular soap, and since playing Scott Drinkwell, he has developed close off-screen bonds with some of his fellow co-stars.

Coronation Street link

Lots of soap actors have starred in rival soaps, but Ross Adams once had a behind the scenes role on Coronation Street.

He used to work as a PA to the producer of the popular ITV soap, where his role included getting the cast ready for red carpet events.

Talking to Good Morning Britain, Ross explained that the job could become quite stressful, saying: "I used to make sure that they were on the red carpet on time.

"The stress I had with Michelle Keegan to get her ready on time! It was unbelievable!"

However in 2018, Ross won Best Male Dramatic Performance at the British Soap Awards for his role as Scott Drinkwell in Hollyoaks, and during the interview he revealed that he found it terrifying being on the red carpet himself.

"I hate it. It feels so bizarre to stand there to have my picture taken."

Viewer outrage

When Ross' character Scott Drinkwell was first introduced to Hollyoaks in 2015, there was initially a huge viewer backlash to the character.

Ross revealed on the Soap from the Box Podcast that the character sparked complaints from viewers, with some commenting that they felt Scott was "stereotyping gay men", while others complained about his villainous persona.

He said: "When I went in, Scott was written and originally intended to be this really bitchy type of character, who was actually really unpleasant and mean-spirited."

Ross added: "Honest to God, the tweets – the audience absolutely hated Scott.

"He was quite a polarising character. He was really, really big – larger than life and really openly flamboyantly gay."

Following complaints from the audience, Hollyoaks' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood released a statement pointing out the soap had represented LGBT+ people with a diverse range of personalities.

Ross also added that after the initial backlash from viewers, he spoke to Hollyoaks bosses about revealing more about Scott's background.

"I felt like the character would be more interesting if we understood why he was like that," said Ross.

"I had a chat with the bosses about it and thankfully they took that on board. Slowly but surely, they started peeling off a few more layers."

'Groom shower'

In 2016, Ross proposed to his partner Phil Crusham while on a romantic holiday to New York.

Talking to OK! Magazine about the moment he proposed, Ross said that: "Phil said he’d had the best time on the trip and I said: ‘Well, there is one thing that can make it better – would you marry me?"

Following the proposal, he posted a photo of their engagement rings on Instagram, with the caption: "New York was amazing. Oh and this happened…"

Friends and fans were delighted by the news, with friend Stephanie Davis commenting: "CONGRATULATIONS to one of my best friends and the best couple ever !!! @rosshollyoaks and phill!"

Ahead of the big day, Ross celebrated with his fellow Hollyoaks cast members by holding a "Groom Shower", attended by stars including Stephanie Waring, Nick Pickard and Nikki Sanderson.

They were joined by Kieron Richardson, Alex Fletcher, Rachel Adedeji, Parry Glasspool, Jazmine Franks and Lily Drinkwell.

A photo showed the stars outside the country house smiling as they posed for a photo with Ross, ahead of the lavish bash.

Star-studded wedding

Two years later in 2018, Ross and Phil celebrated their big day with a whole host of big name stars including fellow Hollyoaks cast members including Nikki Sanderson, and former X Factor singer Rachel Adededji.

Ross told OK! Magazine that there wasn't "a dry eye in the house" as Rachel sang What About Love from The Colour Purple, alongside Ross' friend Caroline as they signed the marriage register.

Talking about the emotional ceremony, Ross said: "Just before we walked in, the string quartet started playing Elbow’s One Day Like This as our entrance song.

"We both looked at each other, held hands and that was when I thought I am really going to burst into tears."

He added: "We started walking and Phil was so nervous, he literally galloped down the aisle! I was like, slow down! It was hilarious."

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