Hollyoaks’ Darren’s severe depression battle will make or break relationship with Mandy, reveals Sarah Jayne Dunn – The Sun

DARREN Osborne's severe depression battle in Hollyoaks will make or break his relationship with Mandy Richardson, reveals Sarah Jayne Dunn.

The character has been struggling with his mental health for months, and viewers were in tears this week when his friend Kyle became the first person to spot that he might be depressed.

But Darren's girlfriend Mandy still hasn't realised, and that will lead to her feeling guilty, claims actress Sarah, who plays her.

She exclusively told The Sun Online: "We're only just starting to explore their relationship. They got together in this whirlwind affair, and there's been a lot  of controversy around them and people have not really accepted the characters as a couple.

"What they've proved so far is they love each other, and they've set up home. What will be interesting about this is to see the dynamics of there relationship and if this will bring them closer or drive them apart."

"She can see something's not quite right with Darren but we lead busy lives they've got children, she works, we all know what it's like to be a million miles an hour.

"She's got to the point where they're almost like passing ships and she's busy with the kids and she's popping out. She'll probably kick herself for not realising sooner and feel quite guilty for that as well.

"Other than being found out about the affair it's the first really testing thing that they've gone through."

Sarah warns that there's unlikely to be a quick fix for Darren as the show wants to reflect the difficult on-going reality of the condition.

What's important is he's got depression. It's not a case of him going 'I've talked about it and I'm OK, everything's fine.'

"We tell the story properly, and it will probably be one of these things where he has peaks and troughs and all characters will be aware of from this point onwards."

Darren has not had an easy time of it in the last year.

He narrowly escaped being murdered by serial killer Breda McQueen in the summer and found his relationship with Mandy at risk when Juliet Quinn faked an affair with him.

Earlier this year Darren went through more turmoil when he learned that his ex Nancy had been stabbed at Hollyoaks High School and suffered a miscarriage soon after.

Will his nearest and dearest be able to provide him with the help he desperately needs?

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