Holly Willoughby terrified as ghost-hunter Yvette Fielding claims This Morning studio is HAUNTED by a spirit

HOLLY Willoughby was left terrified today as ghost-hunter Yvette Fielding claimed there was a spirit sitting next to her.

The TV presenter – famous for hosting Most Haunted – insisted there was paranormal activity in the This Morning studio.

"Do you feel anything in here," asked Phillip Schofield.

Yvette said: "I definitely do."

"No, you don't," insisted scared Holly, before she asked: "What do you feel?"

Yvette replied: "I feel like there's something beside you."

Horrified Holly argued: "No, no… No there's not. Just a silver fox. If someone jumps out from behind the sofa…"

Yvette added: "No, not just a silver fox…

"When you're brushing your teeth tonight, Holly, don't look in the mirror."

Holly shrieked and threw her head back, saying: "You are such a… you are such a…."

Phil explained: "We have always said there's a chill on that table.

Holly added: "Yeah there is, that table has a chill. When that table was in the old studio it also had a chill."

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