Hollington Drive cast: Who is in the new ITV thriller?

Hollington Drive: ITV releases gripping teaser for new thriller

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Hollington Drive is coming to ITV on Wednesday, September 29 and the dark domestic thriller TV series boasts a talented cast. The four-part drama follows two sisters who have a toxic co-dependent relationship that almost tears their lives apart. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about who is in the cast.

Who is in the Hollington Drive cast?

Theresa – Anna Maxwell Martin

Theresa is one of the two sisters fronting the series and she leads a seemingly perfect life in Hollington Drive.

She finds herself at the centre of a tragic event when her neighbour’s child goes missing, and she thinks her own children had something to do with it.

Theresa is played by Anna Maxwell Martin, a 44-year-old actress known for her roles in Motherland and as Patricia Carmichael in Line of Duty.

Speaking about her character, she told Express.co.uk and other media: “There is some stuff going on for her and that is exposed by the pressure of what is happening in this road.

“And also this brilliantly written horrible co-dependent relationship she has with her sister, which really defines her and therefore defines all her relationships, and I found that really exciting in the writing.”

Helen – Rachel Stirling

Helen is Theresa’s sister in the series and although the pair are close, they are nothing alike.

She is the sensible and pragmatic one of the two, who has always taken care of Theresa, who is more out of control.

Director Carolina Giammetta told Express.co.uk that working with actress Rachel Stirling and Maxwell Martin was a dream.

She said: “It was fantastic, you know, every day on set we talked about things that happen in our real lives.

“Being a mother, what protection costs what relationships cost and we get into deep conversations about things.

“Just because there’s so much to explore with themes like motherhood and the lengths we go to as human beings to make a family unit work and so it was a brilliant directing experience.

“But it was also an investigation hearing Anna’s stories and Rachel’s, and all sharing our experiences, we would come up with things together.”

Rachel Stirling is a 44-year-old actress known for her roles in Tipping the Velvet and The Bletchley Circle.

David – Peter McDonald

David is Helen’s husband in the series and the pair are in an unhappy marriage, which David bears the brunt of.

He has fallen into a deep depression and Helen has to deal with this along with her own demons.

David is played by Peter McDonald, a 49-year-old Irish actor best known for his roles in Pentecost and Dublin Murders.

Speaking of his character, director Giammetta said: “It was really important to find that balance of a man who has lost his way and to get to the depths of that truthfully.

“He’s not a lost cause, he’s just somebody who has lost his way.”

Fraser – Rhashan Stone

Fraser is Theresa’s partner in the series and he is a stable, loving man who is great with children.

He has a difficult relationship with Theresa as they both feel they are treading on eggshells around each other and it sometimes brings out a darker side in him.

He is played by Rhashan Stone, a 51-year-old actor and comedian known for Mutual Friends and Keeping Faith.

Director Giammetta said: “He’s a really good egg and I wanted to really create this husband that’s really supportive and understanding but had real conviction and strength.

“So I loved his character. He wasn’t needy, wasn’t at all critical of Theresa, he loves her for what she is and when things come to light that he didn’t know about he really challenges her.

“I didn’t want him to just be a really nice husband who always says ‘yes’. When he turns, he really turns. He had to be a really solid character and the reason Theresa is with him is because of that, he is absolutely her rock.”

Gareth – Jonas Armstrong

Gareth is one of the Hollington Drive residents who is having an affair with Helen, and his son Alex goes missing.

His world starts to crumble around him as his partner Jean holds him partly responsible for what happened.

He is played by Jonas Armstrong, a 40-year-old Irish actor known for his roles in BBC’s Robin Hood, The Bay and The Drowning.

Jean – Jodie McNee

Jean is Theresa’s neighbour in the series and she is devastated when her son disappears one evening.

What she doesn’t know is her husband has been having an affair with Theresa’s sister.

Jean is played by Jodie McNee, an actress who has previously starred in Official Secrets, The Physician and Judy.

Eddie- Ken Nwosu

Eddie is the brother of Fraser Holmes and has been through a recent breakup in the series.

Fraser becomes defensive of his brother as he adores him, but not everyone feels the same way.

Eddie is played by Ken Nwosu, an actor known for his roles in The Witches, Christopher Robin and Killing Eve.

Eva – Amelie Bea Smith

Eva is one of the youngsters in the series and she was one of the last people to see Alex alive.

She is forced to decide whether she should open up about the days leading up to his death as there are secrets she can no longer keep.

Eva is played by Amelie Bea Smith, an actress best known for voicing the cartoon character Peppa Pig.

She also played Flora in The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Ben – Fraser Holmes

Ben is Theresa’s son and she grows more suspicious of him following the disappearance of her neighbour’s child.

He starts to show unusual behaviour and finds himself in a darker mood than usual, leading to his parents believing they have raised “a monster”.

He is played by Fraser Holmes, who will be making his TV debut in the ITV series.

The creators of the series, as well as the main cast, praised the youngster for his skill in his first on-screen role.

Georgina – Tia May Watts

Georgina is one of the other children in Hollington Drive and she is friends with Ben.

She is played by Tia May Watts, an actress and writer who has previously starred in the short film W.I.S.H.

Hollington Drive airs on ITV on Wednesday, September 29 at 9pm.

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