Here's How [SPOILER] Eventually Dies on 'House of the Dragon'

Weirdly obsessed with Daemon Targaryen on House of the Dragon despite the fact that he’s a kinda toxic bro who’s married to his niece? Same! But don’t get too attached. Thanks to spoilers, we know exactly what happens to Daemon on House of the Dragon and—hate to say it—he’s not exactly long for this world. However! There’s a lot of room for the show to take some creative liberties.

Gonna go ahead and assume you’re down with spoilers if you ended up reading this article, but just in case you aren’t…turn back now because SPOILERS ABOUT HOW DAEMON DIES ARE AHEAD!

Daemon and Prince Aemond Get Into a Huge Fight

According to Fire & Blood (the source material for House of the Dragon), Daemon dies after an epic dragon fight with Prince Aemond…who also dies, womp. TLDR; Daemon’s spending his time trying to find/kill Aemond, and they eventually have a confrontation. Aemond’s iconic words upon seeing his uncle? “You have lived too long, Nuncle.”

Lol, anyway! Daemon and Aemond hop atop their respective dragons, Caraxes and Vhagar, and proceed to battle it out in the sky. But it doesn’t go great for our buddy Aemond thanks to Daemon stabbing a sword into his eye “so hard the point came out the back of the young prince’s throat.” Truly, Aemond’s eye-balls cannot catch a break!

Daemon Is Presumed Dead

Emphasis on presumed. Basically, Caraxes and Vhagar crash into a lake mid-fight—with such force that local fisherman declare “neither man nor dragon” could survive. Poor Vhagar straight up sinks, and considering Prince Aemond’s “armored bones” are eventually found chained to her, gonna assume he drowns too.

Meanwhile, Prince Daemon’s body isn’t found. And while there are rumors that he somehow survived and lived out the remainder of his life with Nettles (a dragonrider who he starts having an affair with), the book says historians give “the tale no credence.”

Of course, the show could take some creative liberties and keep Daemon alive so…guess we’ll see what happens?

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