Hang his head in shame Lorraine blasts Paul Hollywood for not giving Jurgen handshake

Lorraine blasts Paul Hollywood for not giving Jurgen handshake

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On Tuesday night, Great British Bake Off fans were left fuming after judge Paul Hollywood failed to give contestant Jurgen one of his famous handshakes. The Channel 4 programme saw the budding bakers battling it out in the semi-final as they took on a range of patisserie challenges. However, during her show on Wednesday, Lorraine slammed Paul for not giving Jurgen a handshake despite him winning the technical challenge.

As Lorraine played a clip showing the moment was voted off the programme, she said: “That’s the moment Jurgen left the Bake Off tent last night despite winning the technical challenge.

“And having three-star baker awards. He just missed out on being in the final next week.”

Taking aim at judge Paul, the host continued: “And he didn’t get a handshake from that Paul Hollywood.

“He should hang his head in shame.”

Tuesday night’s Bake Off began with the competitors having to make layered patisserie style slices.

After the first task, Crystelle, Guiseppe, and Chigs all earned themselves a handshake from judge Paul.

However, the one contestant who didn’t receive a congratulatory handshake from Paul was Jurgen.

Jurgen presented the judges with his Murder at the Opera cakes.

“The daggers make it as it does look different from any other opera cake,” Paul praised.

After tasting the cake, Prue commented: “I think that is sensational.”

However, Paul wasn’t so impressed. “I like it but I don’t love it,” he said.

“The flavour I do get is coffee and a bit of chocolate. I can’t taste anything else.”

“It’s a pity I am the one who doesn’t give out handshakes,” Prue commented.

At the time viewers took to social media to share their outrage over Paul failing to give Jurgen a handshake.

Laura penned: “Having reflected on last night’s #GBBO I really feel Paul Hollywood’s exclusion of Jurgen from the handshake was cruel and unnecessary.

“There is no surprise to me that Jurgen was eliminated based on that #bakeoff.”

Rose said: “Paul really wanted the viewers to know right from the start that Jurgen was going home, very disappointed in @PaulHollywood with the way he rejected this guy.”

While Lilith raged: “It’s outrageous Jurgen didn’t get a handshake shame on you, Paul .”

“I’m ready to fight Paul Hollywood for giving everyone else a handshake and not Jurgen #BakeOff,” Rachael tweeted.

Chloe wrote: “Cut off Paul’s hands, after leaving out Jurgen he doesn’t deserve them #GBBO #bakeoff #GreatBritishBakeOff.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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