‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Sarah Drew Talks Returning For Jesse William’s Exit, Jackson Avery & April Kepner’s “Beautiful” Future

While Grey’s Anatomy will lose one of it own with Jesse William’s bittersweet exit, Sarah Drew said that the two lovers-turned-exes have a “beautiful” future in Boston ahead of them.

“What’s beautiful about it is that her best friend, her person, has discovered that real, true calling that he is now embarking on, becoming and living into. I think whether they wind up romantically attached in the future, just the reality of these two humans who care so much about each other living in true purpose and true calling – I think that’s happiness,” Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner, told Deadline.

During a press conferences on Friday, Drew reflected on her return to the long-running ABC medical drama and spoke about what Thursday’s episode meant for her character, “Japril” and the series as a whole.

In the latest episode, titled “Look Up Child,” William’s Dr. Jackson Avery decided he wants to helm the Avery Foundation in Boston to promote more racial, social and economic equity in healthcare, amid the Black Lives Matter movement and the Covid-19 pandemic. Helping him come to his decision, was Drew’s April who agreed move to move her life, and daughter Harriet’s, to the East Coast. Drew said that while Jackson’s final arc leaves the door open for “Japril” to potentially reunite as a couple, it leaves room for a different kind of happiness and fulfillment.

“Happiness isn’t tied to a romantic relationship, right? What you experience in that episode while they’re both talking about the things they’re passionate about is that she has found her true calling and she’s living her true calling,” Drew told Deadline of April’s working to serve homeless people. “She’s happy and she’s excited to make these changes for people who really need it, for people she can really help. in a lot of ways she’s extremely fulfilled and living into her calling.”‘

With April setting her eyes on a new life in Boston, Drew shared that she will not appear in the upcoming Grey’s episode, titled “Tradition,” which will see Jackson officially turn in his papers at Grey Sloan Memorial.

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