Grand Designs fans gobsmacked as dad turns toilet block into cemetery mansion

A Grand Designs episode stunned viewers when a dad turned a lodge and toilet block in a cemetery into a manor house with its own moat and swimming pool.

Justin Maxwell-Stuart is a multimillionaire whose mum was the heiress of a shipping company and bought the plot from Fulham council for £1.6million in 2016.

In the Channel 4 show last night, host Kevin McCloud was given a tour of the finished luxury pad, which had four bedrooms, a wine cellar, reading room, dressing room, and huge reception areas for entertaining.

Kevin said the property was a "legacy" and the huge expense was "worth it", but Justin admitted it was more money than he expected to part with.

He said: "It's not a figure I'm comfortable with.

"It was a rollercoaster once I started.

"It has been a terrifying financial rollercoaster."

Dad-of-one Justin spent four years on the restoration and said he is happy with the final result and described himself as "not a lord of the manor, but a gatekeeper".

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Standing on the "drawbridge" built on the custom "moat" around the manor, Kevin gave his final verdict, describing the home as "modern" and "sleek", while also being "mysterious" and "cosy".

The episode caused a stir on Twitter, with people calling it one of the best ones in the series' history.

One person quipped: "Caught up on #granddesigns – I’d bloody love to live in a graveyard, would be my ideal location – so peaceful and serene.

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"Swimming in a basement alongside all the bodies though… not so much thanks."

Another said: "Best grand designs ever. What a mad but likeable guy Justin is.

"Excellent start to the new season Kevin."

Someone else joked: "Whilst buying a house in a cemetery is big goth points this man's bats*** #GrandDesigns."

Another fan commented: "I’ve watched a lot of @granddesigns in my time, but I have to say that the house on the latest episode is absolutely incredible."

Sounding impressed, a viewer gushed: "What a way to kick-start a new series. Unbelievable transformation. #GrandDesigns."

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