Gordon Ramsay forced to apologise on The One Show for swearing live on TV

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Gordon Ramsay was forced to apologise on The One Show after he was caught swearing on live television.

The popular TV chef is renowned for his serious potty mouth both on and off TV, so BBC bosses naturally held bated breath when he appeared on the evening talk show on Thursday (March 24).

And throughout the majority of the show, the 55-year-old managed to impress viewers by keeping his foul language to a minimum.

But moments before the show came to a close, the food fanatic accidentally dropped the S-bomb as he opened up about his embarrassing appearance in a romantic-comedy film.

Alex Jones returned to the show on Thursday after her mysterious absence during the week and was joined by the one and only Big Brother star Rylan Clark.

The pair welcomed Canadian heartthrob Michael Bublé and the Hell’s Kitchen star onto the show as the hosts struggled not to swoon in front of the singer songwriter on air.

As he opened up about his new single, he revealed how his new music video – which accompanies the song – is completely inspired by his love for rom-coms with many iconic scenes popping up throughout the clip.

But what truly shocked the hosts, and the eager viewers at home, was the fact that Gordon Ramsay had also appeared in a romantic comedy himself as the former X Factor star excitedly quizzed him about his time on the set.

Overwhelmed with embarrassment, he confessed how he was a “shocker” in the film, much to the relief of the TV host as he joked: “I wondered what you were going to say there.”

As the team chuckled away, the professional chef couldn’t hold back his potty mouth any longer as he muttered: “I was s**t. I was sugar, and sweet and just bad. I was badly prepped.”

Unsure if they heard correctly, there was nervous silence in the studio before Rylan covered up his mistake as he repeated: “Badly prepped.”

But after the credits rolled, TV bosses took to The One Show’s official Twitter account to apologise to viewers who may have been offended by his foul language at home.

It read: “We hope you enjoyed tonight’s show as much as we did. Apologies for Gordon’s language slip up at the end. Take care, and we’ll catch you tomorrow.”

And many fans couldn’t help but see the funny side in his TV slip up, with one tweeting: “Of course Gordon couldn’t go half an hour without swearing.”

Another added: “Oh dear. Gordon’s on the naughty step now. Alex’s face was a picture.”

A Third chimed in with: “Haha, he did well enough to hold it in for that long [three cry laughing emojis].”

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