Gogglebox family dropped from show because there 'weren't enough cameras to go round' as they hit out at backlash claims

GOGGLEBOX'S Baggs family have hit back at claims they were brutally axed from the show – insisting that they were only dropped because there "weren't enough cameras to go around".

Yesterday, it was reported that Channel 4 had got rid of the newcomers after viewer backlash, with fans struggling to warm to them.

But the Baggs have furiously denied this on social media – insisting that they are actually skipping a series due to restrictions with filming during the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to Instagram, matriarch Lisa shared a screenshot of the original report and wrote: "I can categorically say this is a total LIE!

"Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to film the current series. Channel 4 have been wonderful to work with and we hope to be back one day soon."

Oldest son Joe, 23, backed this on his own page – adding that producers had reassured them all new families get criticised online in their first series.

He insisted: "Frustrating to address this but we weren't dropped.

"Due to the lockdown there aren't enough cameras to go around to the entire cast, and therefore we decided as a family to take a series off.

"Of course there was criticism about us, the producers said this happens to all new families so it's not uncommon and not a reason people get cut from the show."

An insider had previously told the Daily Star: "The Baggs family are out of the show and won’t be appearing anymore.

"They only lasted one series. It was short and sweet."

Lisa's husband Terry, and son George, 18, also featured on the show, with George sharing his brother's post to his own story and adding: "Don't believe everything you read."

Gogglebox have worked hard to get around restrictions surrounding lockdown rules to get the episodes on air with minimal disruption.

Stars that don't live together now have to social distance during filming, and when that isn't possible they either move in together or are replaced.

For example, Lee's caravan is not big enough to allow for social distancing – so best friend Jenny moves in with him for the duration of filming.

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