GMB viewers left frustrated by Keir Starmer and Piers debate: ‘Constant interruptions!’

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer joined Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan via video link this morning to discuss a wide range of topics from reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic to the sacking of MP Rebecca Long-Bailey. The interview seemed to run a lot smoother than many typical GMB chats but several ITV viewers were quick to blast the host for “interrupting” Mr Starmer as he gave his answers.

One of the first points Piers and Susanna wanted to grill the Labour about was the dismissal of MP Rebecca Long-Bailey following the retweet of an article.

Mr Starmer explained he had asked her to “step down” after retweeting an article which “linked the death of George Floyd to Israel.”

However, as he reeled off his response, he found himself talked over halfway through by Susanna.

The GMB host jumped in and quizzed: “Are you accusing Rebecca Long-Bailey, yeah – are you accusing Rebecca Long-Bailey of antisemitism?”


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Mr Starmer then clarified he was not but referenced his acceptance speech in which he wanted to tackle antisemitism “at its roots” within the party.

Both Piers and Susanna found themselves talking over the Labour leader later on in the interview as he detailed his thoughts on school reopenings and the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, some viewers weren’t best pleased with how the GMB hosts addressed the leader fo the opposition.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “Amazing how Reid can interrupt and then have the gall to tell Keir Starmer to ‘hold on’ when he tries answer her midway through her irrelevant questions.. #GMB.”

A second agreed: “You gonna shout all over him and interrupt constantly?”

While a third weighed in: “Do not shout and interrupt and I’m sure you can get a good interview.”

And a fourth sarcastically tweeted: “Oh susanna don’t take a leaf out of Piers book and talk all over your guests #gmb.”

With a fifth adding: “Again constant interruptions these guys don’t know how to let their interviewee finish sentences.”


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