GMB coronavirus warning: Athlete, 28, describes 13 days in ICU ‘I couldn’t breathe’

Good Morning Britain focussed heavily on coronavirus today, with host Piers Morgan, 54, joined by Lorraine Kelly, 60, for the last hour of the show. The pair interviewed one young athlete on the ITV news show who caught the virus to talk about his ordeal as many thought a fit, healthy younger person might have only suffered from mild symptoms. However, this certainly wasn’t the case for 28-year-old Mark Stubbs who felt he “couldn’t breathe”, leading him to spend almost two weeks in an intensive care unit.

With the elderly and those with underlying health conditions being classed as the most vulnerable, it was believed those who led a healthy lifestyle or indeed children were less susceptible and wouldn’t suffer the full force of the virus.

Describing how he felt before being officially diagnosed with coronavirus, the athlete explained how he suffered symptoms nothing like a typical flu.

Speaking with Piers and Lorraine, he said: “I’ve had flu before and I think instantly you know it’s not the flu.”

Mark started to display signs of COVID-19 such as a fever and dry cough, which led him to be admitted to ICU.


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“It’s not an exaggeration to say that [it’s like being] in a car crash, you can’t move at all,” the 28-year-old added.

“The day before, a couple of days before, I was running, mobile, I was absolutely fine,” Mark explained, before things distally changed.

The guest told Piers and Lorraine how he was “unable to breathe unaided, couldn’t sit up in bed” and began coughing up blood.

Issuing a warning to viewers, the athlete said: “People don’t realise you can be completely healthy and react to it.”

[It’s like being] in a car crash

Mark Stubbs

“You may survive and get through it but that old person who doesn’t get that ventilator won’t,” he added.

Mark is still recovering from his ordeal as he admitted he still gets breathless but is now back at home.

The athlete also said his liver had taken “a battering” with Dr Hilary Jones, 66, saying it was “worrying” a man with his lifestyle would suffer so badly.

“You’re a marathon runner [and have] strong lungs… but you couldn’t breathe on your own.”

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“What you’re telling the nation is so important for those idiots who were going out in mass gatherings,” Dr Hilary continued.

Just before Piers was joined by Lorraine after her chat show has been cancelled for the foreseeable to limit the amount of crew members travelling into work.

After introducing herself at the top of the hour at 9am, the presenter said: “I’m joined here in the Good Morning Britain studio with Piers Morgan.”

Correcting his co-star, the host said: “Technically, you’re joining us,” to which she replied: “I am indeed.


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“Thank you for asking me, it’s good to be here,” she continued before stressing her show would be back once the coronavirus outbreak has got under control.

Loose Women has also been cancelled for the foreseeable to ensure as few members of the ITV team are in the studio.

The presenters are also adhering to social distancing rules, with the stars of the show seen sitting at least two metres apart.

This scheduling will remain in place, but This Morning will still be airing from 10am to 12:30pm before memorable episodes of Loose Women broadcast.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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