GMB backlash over sexist turkey carving debate as fans slam ITV show

Antony Costa says carving a turkey is a man's 'big moment'

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Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway were the Good Morning Britain hosts overseeing the debate on Thursday morning after the ITV show had asked fans in a poll for their views on whether men carving the turkey at Christmas is sexist. While Antony insisted he was a “traditionalist” and that he’d always like to carve, Nicola hit back that if she’s cooked the dinner, she’s the one who gets to carve.

“I’ve always grown up, you know, with the American films and the British films where you see the man carving the turkey, it’s his big moment,” Antony began.

The Blue singer went on: “I know that people might have been cooking all day, the man might have been cooking as well. 

“So it’s his moment to carve the little turkey and get his limelight as well. I’m a bit of a traditionalist but again, I’m gonna go broaden the horizons, I know every family’s different so…”

His fellow GMB guest Nicola chipped in: “Listen, if Tom [Williams, husband] wants to slave in the kitchen all day, all morning and carve the turkey, go for it hun, I’m fine.

“But if I’m doing that, I’m carving because I want my moment,” she added before Ben weighed in: “So is the carving for you quite a prestigious part of the whole event?”

Nicola passionately replied: “Absolutely. If I’ve like got up in the morning, I’ve put the turkey in the oven. 6am! 

“I’ve got the in-laws over, I’m trying to impress, and then he’s carving like he’s done the job. He hasn’t, I have.”

Antony interjected: “But what if Tom’s helped in the kitchen, like he’s done a bit, put the Brussels sprouts on, put the oven on?”

“He hasn’t! He’s done nothing,” Nicola hit out as Antony remarked: “But I don’t mind doing that then. So do I get the chance to carve the turkey?”

“I would still say if I put it in, I’m carving it,” Nicola hit back. “I really am. 

“I just don’t really like someone taking my moment. I’m gonna have the moment of is it cooked, is it not.”

The debate ended in good faith as the four stars were able to share a giggle over the debate, but it’s safe to say it didn’t go down well with fans at home.

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A number took to Twitter to blast the segment as a waste of air time and hit out at the suggestion it’s sexist.

“Not happy that it has to be sexist,” Richie Price fumed on Twitter. “My wife doesn’t like carving the Turkey. So I do it. B****r all to do with sexism. Just something my wife doesn’t like doing. Along with things like Vacuuming. Which I do.”

Kirsty Jackson slammed the moment: “#gmb is this seriously up for debate? It’s a turkey just somebody carve it and serve it!”

While Steve echoed: “@GMB Who cares who carves the turkey, get a life folks.”

Meanwhile, Kiki raged: “More fragile masculinity baiting on @GMB … I haven’t missed this.#gmb.”

And Anne argued: “@GMB so who carves a turkey is actually news worthy what a sad lot does anyone even care and as for that woman and her expensive boxes does she not know that some can’t even afford Christmas presents never mind CE boxes well you enjoy happy for you!”

While @VRaider17 pulled no punches with their take: “Has @GMB really pulled in a couple of nobodies to discuss who carves the fecking Turkey ! The worlds gone mad #gmb.” (sic)

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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