'Gilmore Girls': Amy Sherman-Palladino Was Only Disappointed in 1 Storyline from Season 7

Lane Kim became a fan favorite on Gilmore Girls. During the series, fans started to root for the rebellious Lane and hoped she would become a music legend. That dream died during season 7 when Lane found out that she was pregnant with twins shortly after marrying Zack. Lane’s final story arc is one of fan’s biggest disappointments. It disappointed showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino, too.

Amy Sherman-Palladino did not pen the final season of Gilmore Girls 

Sherman-Palladino had a lot to contend with when she penned Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The famed showrunner had to work in the events of season 7, most importantly. Sherman-Palladino, along with Dan Palladino, didn’t work on the final season of the series they created. They walked away from Gilmore Girls at the end of season 6 due to a contract dispute.

While the pair picked what parts of season 7 they were going to mention and what parts they were going to pretend didn’t exist, there was one storyline that they couldn’t ignore. Lane Kim’s pregnancy and the subsequent birth of her twins had to be included. Sherman-Palladino wanted Lane and Zack together. One of the final episodes she worked on featured Lane’s wedding, after all. Still, the pregnancy wasn’t her idea.

Amy Sherman-Palladino was disappointed to find out that Lane had kids when she returned to write the revival

When Sherman-Palladino returned to Stars Hollow after a 10-year hiatus, a lot had changed. Sherman-Palladino admitted that she had never seen the show’s final season and largely behaved as if it didn’t happen. She didn’t hate everything in the last season, but she did note one story arc kind of bummed her out. In December 2016, the famed showrunner spoke to TV Line and admitted Lane’s pregnancy threw her and partner Dan Palladino a bit of a curveball.

She told the publication that seeing Lane with two kids forced them to go in just one direction with her story. If she hadn’t had children, Lane likely would have had a more exciting life in the years between the Gilmore Girls season finale and the opening episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Could Lane’s storyline get interesting if Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 2 ever happens

Kieko Agena, the actor who portrayed Lane for all seven seasons, has been pretty vocal about her desire to see more for Lane. Recently, Agena stated that she still hopes Stars Hollow was just a pit stop for Lane. How Sherman-Palladino could write that into a second Netflix revival, however, remains to be seen.

Perhaps, now that Lane and Zack’s twins would be older, Lane could have a larger storyline. Lane gave birth in 2007. That means, in 2022, Steve and Kwan would be 15. It seems plausible that she would be able to rock out again now that her boys are mostly self-sufficient. If a second revival ever happens, the twins might be even older. Netflix has made no move to order more episodes, even though several key cast members appear to be on board to return. Still, there is hope. 

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