Ghosts Charlotte Ritchie doesnt take co-stars for granted

Ghosts: Season four trailer released by BBC

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Ghosts is returning to BBC One for a festive special and Alison (played by Charlotte Ritchie) has hidden gifts for everyone at Button House. Wanting to return the kind gesture, the ghosts decide to create an unforgettable Christmas gift. Actress Ritchie spoke to and other press about the incredible ensemble cast.

Ghosts is known and loved for its diverse cast who take on the roles of the spirits at Button House.

Alison has developed a close bond with each one of them in a different way and she could not imagine life without them.

The same can be said for the star off-screen, who said she has grown closer than ever to her co-stars.

She told and other press: “It’s such an unusual pleasure to get to spend that long with a cast.

“So much of the time you get one go or two goes at it. I have been lucky because a lot of the shows I have done have been ensemble shows that last quite a few series.

“You sort of take it for granted I think, in other jobs, that you are with the people that you work with for quite a long time.

“But often it could just be six weeks or sometimes a week or a day, so getting to actually form proper friendships and relationships with the whole group is really lovely.

“When we go out for dinner, when we manage to make a day work, it’s now at a stage where you really do feel like you are at the table with really good friends and it makes working a real pleasure.

“It’s not so tight-knit that we get on each other’s nerves whilst filming, it’s just that sweet spot.”

She paid tribute to her on-screen partner Mike, played by Kiell Smith-Bynoe.

She added: “I love Kiell so much and dare I say it we get on very well.

“But it’s really easy with him now, whenever I’m laughing in the scene it’s always totally legit.

“There’s a bit in this special where he’s looking out the car and he thinks someone has died and every time it made me laugh for real.

“I never had to fake it which is great, I love their relationship, it’s lovely.”

Charlotte also divulged how her co-star has nailed his character being unable to see the ghosts.

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She explained: “For Kiell it’s like when you are an actor and you are not allowed to look into the camera.

“He’s not allowed to look at the ghosts and also they are very funny so it’s like being surrounded by people who are desperately trying to get your attention and just having to sort of…

“He has come up with a really clever idea that they are floating and in his mind, they come down to talk to me and they are up in the sky.

“So it helps that his eye line is not at them because it means he doesn’t have to directly stare.

“It’s clever, it’s so sweet that he just assumes they are floating.”

The star said she would have loved for the Christmas special to be an hour long instead of half an hour.

She said: “I always want more, I could just watch them do anything.

“I just feel like I can watch them in any situation and enjoy it.

“They manage to make an argument about how you make tea funny, I feel at home when I am watching them be their sweet selves.”

The series will return for a fifth season in 2023.

The Ghosts Christmas special airs on Christmas Day on BBC One at 7.25pm

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