Frank Sinatra’s daughters once sent Ray Liotta horses head in joke warning

Ray Liotta reveals he doesn’t watch all his films in 2021

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Ray Liotta, who died in his sleep today aged 67, was best known for starring in Martin Scorsese’s gangster classic Goodfellas over 30 years ago. But did you know he once portrayed Frank Sinatra in the 1998 TV movie The Rat Pack? After bagging the role, the actor ended up receiving an amusing present from the crooner’s real-life daughters.

Appearing on Jay Leno’s Garage last year, Liotta remembered how he opened up a package to discover a horse’s head.

This was a reference to the famous scene in The Godfather in which a character wakes up covered in blood in bed with only the top part of his prize steed beside him.

Liotta said this was a joke after Tina and Nancy Sinatra had previously asked him to play their father in a miniseries.

The actor had turned it down at the time since “I just felt too uncomfortable”, only for him to change his mind and portray the singer in another project.

Liotta clarified: “Obviously, it wasn’t a real one, but it was a horse’s head. And, you know, a horse’s head means you’re toast. It turned out that his daughters sent it and said, ‘Oh, you could do this one, but you couldn’t do the one that we wanted you to?’”

Tina and Nancy never did make their miniseries about their father, however, they did end up working on the 2015 documentary Sinatra: All or Nothing.

Last year, Liotta returned to the gangster genre playing very different twins in The Sopranos prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark. 

One sibling was Hollywood Dick Moltisanti, the grandfather of Christopher from the 2000s TV show. The other was his calmer brother Salvatore Moltisanti, who was in prison for murder.

Following this death, Liotta has a number of posthumous releases, including the film he was working on when he died in his sleep.

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Cocaine Bear, set for release in February 2023, follows the true story of an American black bear that ingested a big bag of the drug in 1985.

Then there’s a Charlie Day directed comedy called El Tonto that Liotta completed filming.

According to the late actor’s IMDB page, he was filming three movies in The Substance, April 29, 1992 and Dangerous Waters. He was shooting the latter in the Dominican Republic this week before his death.


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