Fire Country fans ‘work out’ identity of mystery arsonist

Fire Country: CBS releases trailer for latest episode

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Fire Country is the brand new hit drama from CBS starring SEAL Team’s Max Thieriot as a former convict and volunteer firefighter. After things moved forward for Bode Donovan and Gabriella Perez (played by Stephanie Arcila) on Sunday night, fans are convinced they’ve already worked out the identity of the mysterious arsonist in the closing stinger.

Viewers think the California firefighters’ new “probie” Collin O’Reilly (Zach Tinker) could be starting the blaze at the end of Fire Country’s latest episode.

In the 12th episode of the first season, the team had another disaster to contend with when a skywriting plane crashed and sparked several mountainside fires.

Meanwhile, Collin was already making himself known by accidentally causing a rockfall while they fought the blaze.

However, fans are now convinced the new recruit could be deliberately sabotaging their efforts after a mysterious arsonist was introduced just before the credits rolled.

Some theories even suggest the “probie” is out for revenge against the team after his father died under unknown circumstances.

Several viewers took to social media after the episode aired to accuse the show’s new recruit of stirring up trouble.

Twitter user @vanghoulseance said: “I’m veryyyyy suspicious of that nugget probie to be the arsonist in the end scene.”

@smvvgy805 claimed: “The new nugget is the arsonist, book it.”

@Country_Gal93 predicted: “I think O’Reilly is an arsonist and is trying to frame Bode.”

“#FireCountry keeps getting better every week. Gabriela + Bode,” Cynthia J Conway wrote. “That new guy Colin is the arsonist I bet.”

Eric Katz added: “I’m starting to believe that Collin is going to become a major headache soon.”

And over on Reddit, kayky97 said: “The new probie is most likely the culprit. We don’t know how his dad died. Maybe revenge?” (sic)

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Having appeared in just one episode so far, fans still know very little about Collin’s history before signing up to fight fires.

Fans already think the “probie” could have something against Bode and his colleagues and could be deliberately starting fires to cause trouble.

Tinker made his series debut on Sunday night in a special episode of Fire Country which aired right after the AFC Championship game.

It’s currently unknown if he’ll be sticking around as a series regular, or possibly appearing in just a handful of episodes before his plans are exposed.

His character is described as a “a humble, charming, and talented probie firefighter” who’s trying to live up to his firefighter father’s legacy.

Gabriela initially took the blame for his mountainside misstep, although Collin revealed his virtuous side when he finally owned up to the mistake.

Even so, it’s obvious viewers still don’t completely trust the newcomer, so it may only be a matter of time before his ulterior motives come to light.

Fire Country season 1 continues Fridays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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