Fans on Twitter React to the Teaser Trailer for Disney's Live-Action 'Mulan'

China’s fierce warrior is back — Disney will premiere their live-action version of Mulan in spring 2020. Until then, fans can catch a glimpse of Mulan fighting in the official teaser trailer. Within a few hours of its release, the teaser earned millions of views on YouTube and praise from fans worldwide. Here’s what Twitter users are saying about Disney’s re-imagined version of Mulan.

Disney premiered the official teaser trailer for ‘Mulan’ on July 7, 2019

After almost a year of waiting, Disney released the trailer for their adaptation of Mulan. One day later, it jumped to the #1 spot of YouTube’s trending videos, with over 8 million views from Disney fans.

This re-imagined story will differ from the animated film, as it is based more closely on the narrative poem, “The Ballad of Mulan.” Fans have mixed reactions about these changes. Some say that it helps the film to be more culturally sensitive; others say that it takes away some of the best parts of the movie.

Disney’s teaser trailer for ‘Mulan’ doesn’t include Shang or Mushu

One noticeably missing aspect of the teaser trailer was Mulan’s dragon companion from the animated movie, Mushu. According to USA Today, there will be no singing, no Mushu, and no General Shang in this adaptation. Instead, Disney created a new love interest for Mulan — Chen Honghui. Some speculated this change was due to rumors regarding Shang’s bisexuality. Regardless, fans are not exactly happy with the switch.

“I wanna hate the Mulan remake but the way she twiddles her sword with her hair flowing in the wind? It looks god tier and I’m so upset that bisexual king Shang isn’t there or Mushu and Cricket but let’s be honest, I’ll be spending all my money on that masterpiece,” said one Twitter user.

“I know people are mad Mushu isn’t a dragon in the movie, but I’m just happy they kept the horse,” said another Twitter user.

Most fans on Twitter advocated for their favorite dragon. However, others stated that characters and songs that add comic relief take away from the actual legend of Mulan.

“Westerners need to take [off] their animated glasses and see Mulan for what it really is. It’s a Chinese war legend, so there’s no room for people breaking into songs and comic relief characters in this realistic retelling,” said one Twitter user.

Some fans are excited to see what Disney does with this live-action adaptation

As one of the most feminist and empowering Disney princesses, fans are excited to see where Disney takes this new film. Even celebrities, like Lights, expressed her excitement on Twitter.

“Why do I cry when I see women with swords (years of not seeing enough women with swords,)” tweeted the artist Lights.

Mulan is one of the most realistic Disney stories [to be honest] it makes sense that they would try to go in a different route with the live-action remake; the problem relies on the fact that this is by Disney, so everyone is expecting all the characters they know,” said one Twitter user.

Disney’s live-action Mulan premieres in theaters on March 27, 2020.

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