F. Murray Abraham Was Allegedly Fired from Mythic Quest for Sexual Misconduct — Report

F. Murray Abraham has been accused of sexual misconduct, reportedly leading to his “Mythic Quest” exit.

Rolling Stone published a report claiming that the “White Lotus” Season 2 actor was at the center of two complaints. Per the outlet, the first incident led to Abraham being given a warning and told to keep away from some of the show’s actresses, according to a production source. A second incident was brought to “Mythic Quest” creator and star Rob McElhenney, who reportedly decided to have Abraham exit the Apple TV+ series ahead of its third season.

At the time, Abraham’s exit was addressed by McElhenney to Variety, saying, “It’s a bummer to not have Murray in this season. But we recognize that [his character] C.W. is a beloved character and obviously a huge part of the show. So, we made sure that we have a really fitting tribute to him. We definitely address it in a big way.”

The official story was that Abraham was too busy shooting “The White Lotus” on location in Sicily to film “Mythic Quest.”

Now, Lionsgate issued a statement regarding allegations of sexual misconduct.

“We take allegations of misconduct seriously and investigate them thoroughly,” a spokesperson told IndieWire. “As a matter of corporate policy, we do not discuss our personnel actions.”

In addition to “Mythic Quest” and “The White Lotus,” Abraham has starred in “Inside Llewyn Davis,” “The Good Wife,” and “Homeland.” The 83-year-old Oscar winner made his onscreen debut in 1971.

Abraham addressed his problematic “White Lotus” character Bert, an insatiable flirt who despises the #MeToo movement, in a December 2022 interview with The New York Times.

“I think Bert is absolutely legit — you know he’s for real,” Abraham said, praising series creator Mike White for his writing. “I grew up with people like that.”

White said of Abraham’s convincing turn in the role, “Bert says a lot of questionable things and has kind of a problematic attitude toward sex and women and relationships. I just thought it’d be funny to have an actor who also has this kind of buoyancy and a ‘What me worry?’ type of attitude. There’s something very mischievous about Murray, and he could obviously play the villain. But he also has this likable, unsinkable quality to him.”

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