Escape to the Country host snaps 'this isn't for you to enjoy' to overexcited couple at jaw-dropping property

ESCAPE To The Country host Sonali Shah laid down the law to a pair of excitable home hunters when they were confronted with the mystery property.

Couple Jo and Paul headed to north Wales in the latest episode of the BBC show, craving not only a home, but a location where there was space to build a business.

They craved the land space to create a series of holiday lets in the lush, tranquil location.

Host Sonali, 40, thought she'd pinned down the perfect pad with the mystery property – a lavish hotel – and this was all but confirmed by the pair's response.

The former Newsround presenter said: "Welcome to the mystery house … or should I say hotel."

Paul, seemingly well-versed in the Escape To The Country format, replied: "Well, the mystery house always has something different so we were expecting something different.

“It looks impressive," yet this prompted a warning from the BBC One show anchor.

She swiftly jumped in: "Yeah, but it’s not for you to enjoy."

Sonali then reinforced the point the couple would not be holidaying in the hotel themselves in their role as proprietors.

She said: "Would you like to run [the hotel]?

"You said you wanted a new business.

"Well, an opportunity has come up to perhaps run this restaurant with rooms."

Jo then mused on the "curveball" of the mystery house yet the cold hard reality swiftly hit.

Paul reluctantly said: "As beautiful as it is, it’s not going to be our dream location."

Jo chimed in: "As Paul mentioned before, he’s looking at semi-retirement," before Paul continued: "I still think it is quite a lot of hard work."

They then discussed the benefits of the first two properties, seen earlier in the episode.

After re-visiting the first home, they agreed on widening their search in north Wales.

With no sale made, they bid a fond farewell to Sonali.

Previously on Escape To The Country, a couple were left "lost for words" at a stunning chapel conversion.

Another were dazzled by a "real life fairytale" castle.

Yet some contestants felt the wrath of Sonali's co-host Jonnie Irwin, who warned contestants they were "testing him" with their demands.

Escape To The Country airs every weekday at 3pm on BBC One.

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