Escape to the Chateaus Angel Adoree traumatised by Dicks surprise project Ill cry

Escape to the château: Dick and Angel say their kids aren't spoilt

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Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree’s ongoing restoration of Château de la Motte-Husson never fails to surprise Escape to the Chateau fans. However, Angel revealed there was one project her husband insisted upon that left her “traumatised” as she reflected on the jobs she and her husband needed to complete last winter. 

Speaking on, Dick explained: “Because the cameras are here there are certain things we can capture.

“It’s winter and the next time we speak to you it won’t be winter because in a couple of weeks the sap will rise, there will be little buds and we’ll be past winter and it always surprises out because it catches us unawares.

“So we had to do was capture some of our winter jobs.”

“It was actually quite traumatic,” Angel confessed. “I’m not going into too much detail or I’ll start crying.”

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Dick quipped: “Does anyone remember me pollarding the trees and the absolute s**t I got.

“The real grief I got for that well we’re six years in and there are more things that need to be chopped down. You understand the logic, don’t you?” Dick asked Angel.

“I do understand the logic,” she replied. “I will say [it was necessary] when they’ve all grown back and looking incredible again.”

“If you’re happy I’m happy,” Angel added.

Dick and Angel sat down to talk about their team last year ahead of filming the most recent series. 

He shared: “We are making Escape to the Chateau and we’re making Make Do and Mend with a co-production Two Rivers Media and Chateau television our company, with our brand and everything else.

“And back in Glasgow there is a team of people who are actually quite special and wonderful.

“If you look at the credits all the names down there are nice people this is the world we live in.

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“Lizzie, who is our exec, was there from the very beginning.”

Angel commented: “Lizzie was our commissioner at Channel 4 it’s so wonderful how it’s come around.

“She was there up to series four and she went off travelling and we can’t lie she was the pull.

“Lizzie has always been our guardian and our rock in the TV world.”

Dick added: “Special lady, really special. We live in a world where we work quite hard and if send an email at 12 she’ll respond right back.

“But the whole Two Rivers Media partnership that we have there’s a lot of telly talk that we can give you more detail later.

“We are very lucky we have met some very creative, very organised lovely people.”

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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