Escape to the Chateau: Angel Adoree scolds husband Dick for pinching bum: Ouch!

Escape to the Chateau: Angel tells Dick ‘stop pinching my bum’

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Escape to the Chateau made a return to Channel 4 on Sunday night, as viewers continued to watch Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree attempt to renovate their family home, Château de la Motte-Husson in France. Over five years, Dick and Angel have slowly built their family the home they always wanted. They even managed to open and run a successful wedding and events business from the Chateau.

During Sunday night’s episode, the couple were keen to take advantage of their time off and lack of weddings booked at the chateau to take on another big project.

Dick and Angel made a start with transforming the 150-year-old granary store in the original coach house into a luxurious bedroom suite.

However, just minutes into the programme, Angel told off her husband when he pinched her bottom as she was walking up the stairs.

“Ouch, stop pinching my bum,” the designer scolded.

Angel’s remark came as the couple went to speak with Angel’s parents, Jenny and Stephen who live in the former coach house which had also been renovated.

However, they were hoping to transform the granary store upstairs into their permanent bedroom and a luxurious en-suite.

Speaking about how low the ceilings are, Jenny said: “It does feel low but it is fine though.”

Angel chipped in: “As long as you can get the right lighting then you will be fine.”

Discussing the renovation, Dick continued: “Natural light, two windows this end.

“That is all there is in the building. I think we just need to understand the size of your bedroom.

“This whole floor space is massive. Where do you see the end of the bedroom?”

“This bit here,” Stephen indicated as Dick pointed out an issue with the window.

“This is your wall length,” the engineer explained. “This is the end of your wall.

“And when you come in the door you can’t see this window.

“All the light from this room, the light is there.”

Angel agreed with her husband as she told her parents: “You’ve got a really nice open plan which you are trying to box up too much.”

“Putting the walls up would be great,” Jenny weighed in.

As the renovation work began, Angel didn’t appear too happy about the wall and the lack of space.

Showing her parents what had been done so far, she said: “When you walk through a door the first thing you want to feel is space.

“I don’t know I think that has been taken away. Once you get a couple of bits of furniture in here, you will lose that essence of what it was.”

Escape to the Chateau continues next Sunday on Channel 4.

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