Emmerdales Nicola actress drops huge hint shes leaving ITV soap after 21 years

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Emmerdale star Nicola Wheeler has teased a dramatic exit for her character later this year.

The actress has played Nicola King in the hit ITV soap for 21 years, but recent episodes have seen her character suffer with severe trauma after she was brutally attacked by a group of teenage girls.

The actress joined presenter's Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Tuesday morning's instalment (June 28) of This Morning where she spoke about her the current storyline and what is in store for her character.

As Nicola explains that her character gathers her strength back, things actually get "worse and worse."

Hinting at a possible exit, Phil asked: "So is this a serious thing? Do you have more plans to spend time with family?"

A flustered Nicole responded: "No, it's been a very good storyline…"

Phil chimed: "But there will be many others that you're looking forward to?"

"I can't tell you," Nicola giggled before adding: "I can tell you something does come up in the future, just when you think this story may have been put to bed, something else comes along."

The actress also hinted that her character's exit could be tied in with the upcoming 50th anniversary episode which is set to air in October of this year.

Nicola added: "Obviously we've got our 50th year and maybe something might happen which might mean she can't spend time in the village anymore."

"Who knows, I don't," she continued.

Stunned at how much information she seemingly revealed, Holly said to Phil "Well done! You've did very well there!"

Phil joked: "I'll probably be in terrible trouble, Sharon Marshall will be texting me in a minute saying what the hell are you doing."

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