Emmerdales Meena star teases killers next victim as blast from past returns

Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has teased who Meena Jutla’s next potential victim could be after her boyfriend Billy Fletcher rekindles his romance with Dawn Taylor.

As fans of the popular ITV soap will recall, Meena has been causing chaos in the village through her murderous rampage following the inevitable break up with many of her former flames.

While viewers excitedly start the build-up to Christmas, danger looms round every corner after the killer nurse moves in with her latest love interest as she starts to suspect that his heart may lie elsewhere.

Now, the soap star has revealed that she may resort to her deadly ways as Meena plans to get revenge on the blonde bombshell in an effort to save her relationship.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star and other publications, the 24-year-old teased her character’s plans for revenge in the upcoming weeks.

When asked whether Meena would resort to murder once again, she confirmed: “Oh yes, 100 per cent. Any excuse to kill someone. Oh, you looked at me like that, I’m going to kill you, cause it’s kind of fun to do.

“When Meena is in a relationship with someone she wants to fully and completely possess them and own them”.

The actress added: “So any exes, any female friends, any close relationship to that person whether it be a child, grandfather, parent, she’s gonna want to take them away so that she completely owns that person and gets all of their attention.

“But with her history with David and Victoria, Dawn is a big threat so, yes, she’s in big trouble.”

However, the health practitioner first enacts her revenge by spreading lies about her parenting with her son Lucas, claiming Dawn has been neglecting the little man.

Dawn is set for double drama as her ex Alex is set to turn up in the Dales and introduce himself to little Lucas as his real dad, and Meena wastes no time in sharing her concerns over Dawn's parenting to him before urging him to take him away.

However, Meena's plan backfires when Lucas and Alex go missing, leading to a panicked Dawn to have an emotional moment with Billy.

Paige explained: “Well, essentially, she wants to have revenge and take out her anger on Dawn and ruin her life.

“But the main goal is to make sure Dawn is preoccupied in other areas so that she doesn’t focus her attention onto Billy and trying to steal him away from Meena.”

Up until now, Meena has taken the lives of four villagers as well as attempting to take the lives of even more after her murderous tendencies begin to unravel.

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