Emmerdale spoilers: Moira starts shock affair with Nate

Emmerdale fans already know that Moira will be unfaithful to Cain over the summer, and the start of her shock affair with Nate will air next week. Nate is determined to get one over on Cain, and is pleased when things begin to get tense between him and Moira, using it as his opportunity to turn Moira against her husband. News of the explosive affair was revealed last week by the ITV soap. Producer Kate Brooks said: "It might come as no surprise that they are going to have a full-blown affair. It's going to be dangerous, very steamy and ruffles a lot of feathers in the village."

Moira cheats on Cain

Moira fights with Cain – and ends up kissing Nate

Nate witnesses that things are tense between Cain and Moira, and later on, Moira is wary when she starts working alongside Nate in the barn. However, this encourages Nate even more, pleased to see that she is rattled, and she tries to convince him that she feels nothing for him – knowing that she's kidding neither of them. At the Woolpack Cain is eager to get back to the farm and prove himself to Moira, but at the farm, Moira finally gives into temptation when Nate pulls her in for a kiss. Will Cain witness his wife cheating on him?

Matty tries to impress his football friends

Matty gets into trouble trying to impress his new friends

Matty is frustrated with Pete after the pair play a football game, and Pete acts overly protective over him when someone from the opposing team – Jono – barges into him. Matty lets his feelings known at the pub after the game, but is happy when Jono asks him to join him and his team mate Ste for a drink. Matty soon faces peer pressure from the pair, and Pete's worried that he is trying too hard to impress his new friends. Matty later finds out from Amy that Victoria is planning to leave for Cornwall, and gutted that he wasn't told, he goes off to spend time with his new friends. The next day, Matty gives Victoria the cold shoulder when they bump into each other, but later at the Woolpack, he is told by Billy and Ellis that Ste and Jono have been talking about him behind his back. While Matty is hurt, he is now more desperate for their approval. Just how far will he go?

Rishi and Kim team up 

Rishi teams up with Kim – and his family are worried

Rishi and Manpreet tell Jai and Priya that the factory is in trouble, and the following day, Rishi meets up with Kim in secret to ask for a loan. However, while Kim agrees, Rishi and Manpreet are horrified to read the terms of the loan, and Rishi is determined to get a better rate from her. However, after trying to negotiate with the businesswoman, Rishi realises that Kim won't change her mind, and is forced into making a decision. But will it be one that he regrets?

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