Emmerdale Meena star lets slip next victim as she warns killer will get worse

Paige Sandhu has warned Emmerdale fans that her murderous alter ego Meena is going to get a lot "worse".

The actress' killer character has had viewers gripped as she terrorises the Dales – and she has already offed plenty of people.

Appearing on Loose Women, actress Paige admitted there was more in store for the residents of the Yorkshire village.

She said: "Because she's caused such a crazy amount of stuff that's happened in Emmerdale she's starting to get this feeling of invincibility. That is potentially going to be her downfall because her behaviour is getting more and more outlandish, and people are starting to cotton on.

"I can't tell you if there will be any more murders or not but she definitely gets worse than she's been so far. Like really worse!"

Paige also teased who her next victim could be as she added: "She's got many skeletons in the closet but she's a psychopath.

"If someone's standing in her way she'll get rid of them.

"After what happened with David and Victoria she's even more possessive of her man, even more than what she was before. So Dawn is definitely in trouble, but Manpreet is really pushing Meena with everything that we've just seen.

"So Manpreet is definitely also in danger."

The actress said fans are usually very sweet when they see her out and about, despite her sinister on-screen role.

Asked how the public react to her, she told the panellists: "Normally people are really lovely… my family are the people who get the most freaked out I think.

"Ben's murder just came out on Emmerdale and my family were like, 'Oh Paige that was very gruesome, we're a bit scared to hug you right now'."

Paige previously revealed that her grandmother was a bit shocked when she discovered that her granddaughter's soap character was behind the killings.

But the actress said she seems to have got on board.

"I think she loves it now," she said.

"She has got a group of friends who all watch Emmerdale as well and every week they are like, 'What has Meena been up to this week? Oooh let us all watch it together', and gossiping about all the stuff that is going on."

"Yes, she's proud of me now," she added.

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