Emmerdale fans work out whats happened to Samson as teen goes missing after storm

Emmerdale fans fear they have discovered the fate of Samson Dingle, after Thursday night’s hour long episode alluded to a worrying twist for the youngster.

The character was last seen on our screens at the beginning of the week, just before a deadly storm hit the village and claimed the lives of fan favourites Harriet Finch and Liv Flaherty.

Police Officer Harriet was the first casualty claimed by the storm on Monday, with Liv following just two days later, when the teen died in tragic scenes that left many viewers at home sobbing.

However it appears the soap’s death toll may rise further still this week, as it was hinted that another death – the fourth in just two weeks – could be on the cards.

Since the storm hit, nobody has seen or heard from Samson Dingle, with the teen failing to even arrive at the hospital following his dad Sam’s own near fatal accident after being impaled while trying to flee from a cow stampede.

Cousin Belle and step-mum Lydia had believed he was at home waiting for news on his dad's condition, while Zak, who was at home with the young children, thought he was at the hospital.

In Thursday’s episode, Belle finally appeared to realise Samson was not where she thought he was, as she went into his bedroom and noticed his bed had not been slept in.

Zak then realised he had never been home and wasn't with Lydia either, but Belle appeared unfazed by the news as she boldly declared to her dad that they “didn't want to be worrying about anyone else right now” and simply sent Samson a text message rather than heading out to look for him.

Moments after the message was sent, viewers at home were left in shock as the scene cut to the message flashing up on Samson’s shattered phone screen, as it lay unattended in a field, with no sign of Samson nearby.

Immediately fans were quick to fear the worst, with several sharing their thoughts on social media at the possibility he could be another casualty claimed by the storm.

One viewer said: "Samson will be dead and then it will come out that he's not the actual dad of Amelia's baby."

Another tweeted: "I reckon Samson got hit and dead. If he has now it all makes sense how he's acted towards everyone."

A third added: "Ofc Samson is dead. Why didn't we realise," as a fourth tweeted: "SAMSON! DEAD.”

"They killed Samson?! Damn… They're really going through the Dingles, aren't they?," speculated one viewer.

While another also weighed in adding: "No not Samson – he’s a lovely character – don’t kill him off.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.


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