Emmerdale fans spot HUGE mistake in Paul Ashford's assault on son – and are convinced it'll get him arrested

EMMERDALE fans spotted a HUGE mistake in Paul Ashford's assault on his son – and many are convinced it'll get him arrested.

The gambling addict – played by Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – lost his temper last week when his Vinnie confronted about his kidnapping lies.

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The scrap yard dealer had previously arranged to be kidnapped so that his wife-to-be Mandy felt sorry for him.

He let slip that he was sitting in a chair for the duration of the kidnap and Vinnie started to realise that things didn't add up.

On Thursday night the duo were about to hit the town for Paul's stag do when Vinnie brought up the fact that none of the stuff he had told them made any sense.

Paul had to rush back to the scrap yard to make some calls and was followed by Vinnie, who confronted him about it all.

It came to light that Paul had lied about the whole thing and that he'd also been gambling again behind Vinnie and Mandy's backs.

Paul has lashed out on his son in the past and his angry side came out AGAIN after he was outed for his actions.

An angry Paul shouted at Vinnie: "When I did something wrong my dad would let me know I'd done something wrong.

"Yeah? I learnt my lessons pretty quickly. You're a slow learner Vinnie…"

Vinnie pleaded: "I'm sorry."

Just before he started to brutally beat up his son, Paul shouted: "But this is a lesson you will never forget."

When Vinnie was rushed to hospital, Paul told the nurses that the person who hurt him was a random man out in town.

But many fans of the hit show pointed out a flaw with his cover-up.

One wrote on Twitter: "#Emmerdale On 3 occasions Paul has battered Vinny at the scrap yard. I take it this scrap yard doesn’t have CCTV??"

A second said: "Wasn't them cctv on them then #emmerdale."

A third added: "I hope the beating is caught on CCTV #Emmerdale @DuncanLindsay #Paul #Vinny."

Another pointed out: "Everyone is mentioning the CCTV but what about the questions surrounding why the ambulance picked up Vinny from the scrapyard and not a back alley in Hotton aka Leeds. #Emmerdale."

On Friday night viewers were left terrified for Vinnie's girlfriend Liv Flaherty after she called the police to expose Paul for his vile ways.

The student sensed something wasn't right about Vinny's account of what happened and called the cops.

One wrote on Twitter: "#EmmerdaleLiv that's 1 big target u just painted on."

Another added: "Watch out Liv."

Meanwhile others are convinced that Mandy Dingle will MURDER Paul when she finds out what he's been doing to their son.

And Emmerdale bosses have already confirmed that the tragic storyline will end in tradgery.

Producer Laura Shaw teased: “We’ve made no secret that Mandy/Vinny/Paul will feature heavily and Paul’s appalling behaviour gets worse and worse. He goes to extreme measures.

“As he becomes better at hiding it, Mandy falls in love more and a proposal follows – a big old Dingle wedding is planned. 

“But will it get them their happily ever after? 

“It’s going in a really big direction, it’s our most ambitious work since Covid hit, it will be epic and rewarding.

“Ultimately this story will end in tragedy for a character but for who?”

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