Emmerdale fans left reeling as Chas and Paddy share an unexpected kiss

Emmerdale fans were quick to share their thoughts on the prospect of a reunion between estranged husband and wife Chastity Dingle and Paddy Kirk, after the couple shared a surprise kiss together on Wednesday night’s episode of the ITV soap.

Paddy famously ended his marriage to Chas last year, after he discovered she had been having an affair with shady businessman Al Chapman – and had even planned to move away to start a new life with him prior to his death.

Having found out that his wife had planned to start a new life, and take their daughter Eve with her, Paddy soon found himself spiralling into depression, and in harrowing scenes earlier this year, even tried to take his own life.

Slowly but surely, Paddy has been recovering in recent weeks following his decision to leave the family home, yet as the pressure of single parenthood began to get to Chas in tonight’s episode, Paddy was on hand to offer words of comfort and a shoulder to lean on to help her through her meltdown.

Stepping back into the role of a perfect dad, Paddy soon took on a variety of household chores, including cooking dinner while Eve was having a nap, as he reminded his wife that she needed to take some time out for herself and find a better way to cope, as Eve needed both her parents.

Chas then let slip that Eve wasn’t the only one that needed Paddy, leading the vet to pull Chas into a hug, before the couple shared a kiss.

Immediately after the scenes aired, fans raced to social media to share their thoughts, with many hoping that it wouldn’t lead to a reunion between the star-crossed pair.

“ Paddy and Chas kissing was unexpected but I hope he sees that it’s too soon because this is what caused his depression to begin with,” wrote one fan. “ I will only accept them being back together IF she treats him like a king and no more affairs.”

“How hard can co-parenting be when one parent lives across the road?” Argued another. “ Eve’s damaged routine my a***e. If Paddy gets back with Chas, welp, he'll just have to put up with whatever temptations blow her way.”

Meanwhile a third fan was simply surprised to see the pair getting along at all after so many frosty weeks, as they commented:”Chas and Paddy getting along, I’m shocked!”

Before a fourth didn’t hold back as they added: “Paddy just kissed Chas and I wish he'd just get some bloody self-respect. She's repeatedly cheated on him and told him he's just a safe option for her relationship-wise and he's still crawling back.”

However, while Chas may be hoping for a reunion, the soap gods don’t appear to be in her favour, as upcoming spoilers have revealed that Paddy intends to plough ahead with a divorce to draw a line under their relationship once and for all.

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