Emmerdale fans all have the same thought as Liam Cavanagh discovers Meena Jutla's horrifying lies

EMMERDALE fans all have the same thought as Liam Cavanagh edged closer to discover Meena Jutla’s killer secret.

Nurse Meena – who is played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – is holding her sister Manpreet and Vinny Dingle captive, preparing to kill them.

But doctor Liam has realised she lied about her pregnancy – and is on her trail.

In tonight’s episode Meena revealed her evil plan to kill Vinny by pumping him full of alcohol and faking a car crash.

“Just let us go, I won’t say anything, I promise,” Vinny begged.

But as Meena walked back into the barn she was carrying a drip with a needle and Vinny begged her to tell him what it is.

“It’s alcohol,” she said cheerfully.

“You’re going to have a drink Vinny. A nice long drink.

“And tomorrow you’ll be found in your van at the wheel. And you’ll have crashed it because you were driving drunk and had a calamatous accident.

“At least that’s what the coroner’s report will say.”

She grinned as Vinny realised his fate. 

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But with Liam having discovered Meena had lied about her pregnancy, he is hot on her heels.

And fans all have the same thought. 

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One wrote: "Where does meena get all that equipment or should I say how does she manage to take it to the barn?"

A second said: "I’m confused. I might be missing something. But how the hell did Meena get a drip complete with stand into the barn with nobody noticing?"

Another added: "Meena's storyline is now getting so ridiculous, how she has managed to do so much, without getting caught out is beyond me"

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