Emmerdale double exit for village icons Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk after devastating loss?

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Chas (played by Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) were left heartbroken in the wake of Christmas Day as the Woolpack was burnt down by Emmerdale villain, Al Chapman (Michael Wildman). They have been desperately trying to get the insurance companies to pay up so they can rebuild their home but the plans to transform the land into a block of luxury apartments seem to have scuppered everything. However, as it seems there is no hope of them ever getting their home back, it might be time for the legendary characters on the ITV soap to pack up and leave their past behind them.

The drama kicks off during next week’s episodes of the weeknight serial drama, as Chas looks at a burnt-out building, reminiscent of her old home.

As she does, a man arrives to put a ‘For Auction’ sign outside and straps it to the metal railings surrounding the pub.

Having been the landlady of the Woolpack for a fair few years, it dawns on Chas she is really going to lose her livelihood.

She knows there is nothing she can do as Al and his associate Gavin (Ben Richards) have made it near impossible for her to fight for her home.

Knowing she is going to be lost without being behind the bar, she could consult Paddy about leaving the village for good.

Putting their daughter Eve first, Chas could explain she wants a better life for her away from the likes of Al and Gavin.

Paddy could agree but would need to consider his options as the Dales has been his home for over two decades and he has the vet surgery to think about.

Thinking of where they could possibly start a new life, Chas could ask her partner if they can go looking for her son, Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller).

The heartthrob left the village late last year following the death of his boyfriend, Ben Tucker (Simon Lennon), as his past was too much to bear.

Having had no contact with his mother since leaving, it would be a task and a half for Chas to try and find her son.

The Woolpack is her livelihood

Lucy Pargeter

However, with Paddy agreeing they need to be a family unit again, he could state they won’t leave a stone unturned until they find him.

Packing up their things, they could take one last look at the village they once called home and remember all the good times they had, as well as the bad.

Knowing this is the right thing to do, they could drive away as Aaron did in pursuit of a better life for themselves.

But how will the rest of the Dingle clan react to losing two of their most beloved members and will they understand the couple’s reason for leaving?

With the door left open for the pair to return in the future, this could just be a temporary exit until they form a plan of what they want for their future.

The actress who plays Chas, Lucy, spoke last year about the prominence of her character in the village and the impact lockdown would have had on her.

Lucy explained: “Chas is very much part of the DNA of the village and she’s floundering without that connection to others.

“The Woolpack is her livelihood and, with the state of things, the leisure industry will be one of the last things to open up again, so it’s a massive strain on her.”

Though the challenges of the past 18 months would have been hard for both characters, the soap star said their relationship is stronger than ever.

“They’ve shared so much and are so compatible in many ways. After all the failed relationships she’s had, Chas is happy to have someone she can depend on,” she told Inside Soap.

“I love the way she and Paddy work together – one minute they can be laughing, then the next involved in serious, heart-rending stuff. It’s fantastic,” she explained.

Although this was from an interview given 18 months ago, it rings very true to where Chas is today without the Woolpack and how she and Paddy and strong regardless.

This could put them in good stead for the future as they know if they have each other, they don’t need to worry about anything else.

The actor who plays Paddy, Dominic, has recently spoken out about if he was ever to leave the show but it would not be his decision.

Talking about his future on the programme after 23 years, the soap star said: “Every Christmas when the contract is up, I still think that’s probably it.”

“I think that keeps me going, the thought that at any point you could be out. You can’t just wing it, turn up with no ideas,” he continued.

“So I try hard – but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a job this good for so long,” he told The Mirror.

Taking to Twitter recently, fans of the show have been sharing their thoughts on the couple’s latest storyline, with DeLuca writing: “I hope 2022 sees the end of Paddy and Chas.

“They just suck the life out of each other and seeing them in scenes with other people is proof of that #Emmerdale.”

Paul added: “Every episode so far recently has started with Chas, Marlon and Paddy standing looking at the pub #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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