Emmerdale and Corrie set haunted after being put in chilling old locations

Most Haunted star Yvette Fielding has shared the real reason why she thinks the cast and crew of Coronation Street and Emmerdale have claimed to have witnessed paranormal activity on set.

The cast of both ITV soaps have previously claimed to have felt the spirits of former stars on set, while Yvette and the Most Haunted Team witnessed paranormal activity during an investigation at Coronation Street.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Yvette has now revealed that she thinks the activity is due to the energy at both locations.

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"It's all down to energy," said Yvette.

"Prisons, schools, theatres – anywhere where there are lots of people."

The paranormal investigator also explained that the activity on set may also be due to where the sets are built, as the energy of a location that existed before can come through even at a modern building or venue.

"Something might look modern, but what was the building before, and what happened on the land before the building was built?" said Yvette.

Speaking of the Coronation Street set, which sits on the site of former docklands, Yvette revealed that she and the team think the spirit of an RAF worker came through to them during their Most Haunted investigation.

"There was a lot of tapping and knocking – the tapping phenomenon that we get. We knew that there was definite activity and that spirits were there," she said.

"There was a woman there, and she has been seen in an RAF uniform. I think it was her that was coming through."

She added: "She has been seen there a lot this RAF woman."

It is this energy from what has come before, and since, that Yvette says can lead to paranormal activity at a location.

"It's all down to energy. The more energy expelled, the more they [the spirits] can use to manifest and do things," she said.

It is not just at the soap sets that the casts have experienced paranormal activity however, as a number of Emmerdale stars joined Yvette Fielding in 2007 for a one-off special called Ghosthunting with…The Dingles.

Together, Yvette and Emmerdale stars Joe Gilgun, Mark Charnock, Verity Rushworth, Lucy Pargeter and Hayley Tamaddon explored four haunted locations in Yorkshire as part of the episode.

"We went to various locations, and the one that sticks out is the train museum," said Yvette.

"I think that was somewhere in Leeds. It was this amazing museum and it's obviously very late at night, and there were these huge steam engines. Old train carriages, just loads of different engines and machines for us to investigate, and allegedly, people had seen things in this museum. They had seen dark shadows in the carriages."

Speaking about one spooky moment when she and Brassic star Joe Gilgun, who played Eli Dingle in the soap, were scared by an unexpected noise, she said: "It was the two of us together and we'd seen something and we were running away from whatever it was.

"I can't even remember, just a noise or a door had slammed or something. We were running and we laughing at the same time as running, as he said something.

"He's such a lovely, lovely person. They all were gorgeous. That's one of my favourite Ghost Hunting Withs…

"Such lovely, down to earth, fabulous people – but Joe, what a legend. An absolute legend that man is.

"Honestly, my ribs the next day hurt from screaming and laughing. A mixture of both. But they made that show really fabulous, because they were so up for it."

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