Elle King is pregnant with first child after two miscarriages as singer calls baby 'a miracle'

SINGER Elle King is pregnant with her first child with fiance Dan Tooker.

The 31-year-old is currently in her second trimester and said every day of it is a “miracle” after going through two pregnancy losses.

Elle shared the happy baby news with People, while also opening about about her struggles with infertility due to a hormonal imbalance condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

The mom-to-be said she decided to speak out about pregnancy loss because it’s such a “major thing that so many people go through,” yet she feels like many deal with it on their own.

She added that it seems “nobody talks about it” and many feel the need to be “secretive” becaue “it’s like you’re supposed to feel shame.”

Not wanting to feel alone anymore, or for others to feel that way either, Elle wanted to both share her story with all of those closest to her, as well as the public.

The Ex's & Oh’s singer said: “When I got pregnant, I told my mom, I told my dad, I told my sister, I told my brother, I told my closest friends. 

“Because God forbid I go through that again, I'm going to need my support team. I'm going to need my family and the people that love me to say, 'It's okay.' "

She continued: "I've experienced loss and to go through that pain of losing two pregnancies, it just feels like life is over, life is done. 

“You have to go through this intense and really just unbelievably draining and shocking grieving period. You feel like such a failure.”

After getting pregnant again, Elle admitted she was initially “afraid to enjoy it” because she was worried she would go through another loss.

Now, she’s at a place where she’s feeling both anxious and excited.

She’s had a few months now to get to that place as she and her fiance Dan found out she was pregnant on Christmas Day, just a couple months after they got engaged in October.

Throughout the pregnancy so far, as well as planning ahead for when the baby arrives, Elle’s been turning to her comedian-actor dad Rob Schneider and model mom London King for help and advice.

She and her 31-year-old tattoo artist beau plan on not finding out the sex of their child until the baby’s born, thanks to Rob’s words of wisdom,

"My dad says you get two real surprises in life: what you have as a baby and when you die," Elle shared.

Her mom London, who is now a doula, will help Elle on that eventual day and support her in welcoming her child into the world.

The singer joked that if she wasn’t London’s daughter then she wouldn’t have taken her on as a client because she’s “very high maintenance” and has “very high” needs.

She added that her mom’s been “wonderful” and helpful with every small question she asks her.

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