EastEnders Phil Mitchell faces prison fate after kidnapping his son Raymond

As the stars of EastEnders attempt to get over the January blues just weeks after the festive period ended, viewers prepare themselves for the worst after Phil Mitchell is told he could be facing life behind bars.

Last week, the BBC soap legend went on the run with his son Raymond without the permission of doting mum Denise Fox which caused chaos in Watford.

It was up to the double act of Phil’s lovers Kat Slater and Sharon Watts to track him down as they scoured through Clacton to find the Arches owners.

But they weren’t the only people who found the pair as Phil heard the sirens of the police in the distance while he camped out in a caravan with his son.

Luckily his partner Kat convinced him to hand himself in to the police where he was arrested for child kidnapping in addition to his connection to the murder of Vincent Hubbard

Hoping the police had no evidence, Phil expected to be behind bars for no more than seven years as he sat alongside his solicitor Ritchie Scott in the interrogation room.

However, his dreams of returning to Albert Square any time soon were quickly crushed after Ritchie warned him that he could be facing life behind bars.

In an effort to make things easier on his family, he lied to his loving wife Kat Slater, and told her he could be out in two and a half years on good behaviour.

But as the East End gangster started to get his affairs in order, he soon had a change of heart about lying to her about his possible prison sentence.

In an attempt to make up with Raymond he tried to go and visit the tot but is blocked by Isaac and Lola who warn him his older brother Ben is who he should be more worried about.

It comes after Ben violently shouted at his six-year-old daughter Lexi last week when he angrily kicked her stuffed bear across the room moments after he had lashed out at her mother Lola.

Phil quickly pays a visit to his son to see if he can handle the businesses on his own but immediately spotted there was something wrong with him.

After his outburst earlier on this week and the possibility the TV legend could be facing life in prison, he returns to Ben to inform him that he is selling the businesses due to his instability.

Determined to make his dad proud, he begs him to reconsider even though he knows he isn’t in a good place mentally, but will Phil trust him enough to manage the family estate on his own?

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