EastEnders fans think Stacey Slater will attack Phil Mitchell to save Kat from being murdered and be forced to go on the run

EASTENDERS fans think Stacey Slater will attack Phil Mitchell to save Kat Slater from being murdered.

Albert Square's hardman is set to be hospitalised in upcoming episodes, and there is growing speculation among fans of the BBC One soap that Stacey – played by Lacey Turner – will be behind it all.

In a teaser clip of a forthcoming show, which was shared on the programme's Twitter account, Phil and ex Shirley were captured discussing plans to "hurt" the Slater family.

Shirley says: "I've got one condition.  I don;t want Jean, or any of the Slaters getting pay back for £50k. It was Alfie that stole the money."

Phil replies: "If noone gets hurt for what he did, my reputation gone."

Shirley continues: "You think so much of your reputation, you gave that money away.  No retribution for the Slaters, and I promise I won't tell anyone you let them off."

Phil sternly concludes: "You get me my money, or the Slaters get done."

While there has been speculation Phil's son Ben is out to kill his father, others think Stacey will be to blame.

One fan tweeted: "Or alternatively, Stacey who is due to leave Walford soon will protect Kat in an unexpected turn out and will attack Phil. That’s my theory. "

Taking to the EastEnders forum, Walford Web, a separate fan wrote: "I'm not sure what the majority would think about the recycled storyline but I was just thinking imagine if they copied Den's death storyline for Phil's attack.

"Basically, Stacey would injure Phil in a scuffle (taking Zoe's place in the narritive) then Kat would bump into him and cause him more life-threatening injuries (taking Chrissie's role) only to be observed by Kush (taking Sam's role).

"This would lead to Stacey's exit, and huge struggles for Kat's relationship with Kush (especially if Stacey flees with Arthur).

"It could also link into a potential Chrissie return for the 15th anniversary of Den's death as now Kat would sympathise with what Chrissie did to her daughter all those years ago."

A separate social media user tweeted: "I reckon Stacey and/or Kat attack Phil over the money and that’ll lead to Stacey’s exit storyline."

But after Phil catches Kat mocking him about the stolen money, which she attempts to deny, viewers think she may be seeking revenge.

EastEnders will air on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One.

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