EastEnders: Denise and Ellie's clash explained as she reveals her true identity – Mica Paris has spoken out

DENISE will reveal her identity as Raymond’s biological mother to Ellie Nixon next week when she learns that Phil has been visiting the toddler. 

Denise is desperate to keep Raymond – the child she gave up for adoption following a one-night stand with Phil in 2016 – as far away from his biological dad as possible given his criminal history. But how will Ellie react to her confession in the BBC one soap?

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Why does Denise reveal her real identity to Ellie in EastEnders?

Denise lied about her real identity the first time she bumped into Ellie at the hospital while visiting Raymond. 

Denise had just heard about the fatal car crash and rushed to the hospital, where she claimed to have been a friend of Raymond’s mum and dad. 

But official spoilers have revealed that Denise will come clean next week after discovering that Phil – who she wants to keep far away from Raymond – has been visiting the toddler behind her back.

After Lexi overhears Ben and Callum talking about Phil’s visits to see Raymond, Lola will meet up with Denise and tell her everything.

Denise will then go straight to Ellie and implore her to keep Raymond away from Phil.

How will Ellie react?

What has Mica Paris said about Ellie’s reaction?

Speaking about Ellie’s reaction upon discovering her new pal’s new identity, Mica Paris told Metro.co.uk: "What’s interesting about the whole dynamic at the start – she knows something’s not quite right with Denise but she’s overwhelmed by everything.

"In a way I think Ellie is almost thankful that she has someone to talk to in this moment of total tragedy.

"She’s totally alone in this as her family is gone so she doesn’t want there to be anything bad with Denise as she’s all Ellie has in the midst all of this tragedy."

What do we know about Denise and Ellie’s feud over Raymond in EastEnders?

Talking about how things quickly turn nasty between Denise and Ellie, Mica Paris added: "It’s a tug of war! 

"Denise wants her son for her own reasons and Ellie wants him for her own reasons too, this little boy is stuck in the middle."

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