Disney is 'developing a live-action version' of Hercules

Disney is about to ‘put the glad in gladiator’ as reports swirl that a live-action Hercules could be in the works.

Apparently the studio understand it is time to bring the 1997 classic to the big screen in live action glory and we really hope these plans, er, go the distance.

TheDisInsider.com claims that the studio has The Lion King and The Mandalorian producers Jeffery Silver and Karen Gilchrist on board to produce but they are still on the hunt for a director.

So far, impressive names like Jon Favreau and the Russo Brothers are being thrown around and we like what we’re hearing so far.

Something that’s being made clear is the fact the film will feature the original songs from the animation and fans are delighted.

One wrote: ‘Okay unlike Mulan I need Hercules to be a shot by shot remake. They can add new things just DONT TAKE ANYTHING OUT.’

Another added: ‘With the news of a Hercules live action in the works I think it’s time we discuss how Hades DESERVES a villain song that goes as hard as Poor Unfortunate Soul and Be Prepared!’

While one wrote stated: ‘If there’s any Disney remake that I think could really be unique and wildly exciting is that of #Hercules. I especially envision how great the opening scene could look with today’s CGI and cine work. I hope that Disney can prove me right.’


Fans are already campaigning for Danny DeVito to come back as Phil, while many others are expecting Ariana Grande to be involved in some form after her sensational rendition of I Won’t Say I’m In Love.

Based on the mythological hero and son of Zeus, Hercules was one of the Disney movies pre-2000 that felt way ahead of its time.

From it’s the muscled champion’s feminist love interest or the comical antics of wisecracking Hades’ henchmen, Pain and Panic!

Greek gods, Motown muses, quippy heroines and delightfully despicable villains – what more could you want?

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