Death danger for Michael as he feels killer Stephen's fury in Coronation Street

We’ll be honest. We’ve been wondering whether Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) could end up being Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) next Coronation Street victim for ages.

Following Leo’s (Joe Frost) murder, Michael appeared wondering what Stephen was doing hanging around the bins.

And then after Teddy (Grant Burgin) was killed, Michael came very close to discovering what was going on.

It could’ve just been a coincidence, of course, but we couldn’t help but grow curious over whether this was a clue for an upcoming storyline.

And if next week is anything to go by, could we be right?

Next week, Elaine (Paula Wilcox) reminds Stephen that in order for them to buy a house together, the solicitor needs proof of funds.

When Michael reveals that he’s promised the factory workers and even bigger bonus off the back of the new deal, Stephen masks his fury and calls Rufus in a bid to try and negotiate.

And later in the week, Michael calls to see Stephen and puts forward his case for a cut of the profits, but how will he react?

If an enthusiastic Michael continues to spend time with Stephen, how long will it be until he sees the evil side to him?

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