David Walliams risks Simon Cowell's wrath as he mocks 'short' star by revealing his TRUE height 'without heeled boots'

DAVID Walliams risked Simon Cowell's wrath in a daring appearance on Lorraine this morning – mocking the "short" star and revealing how small he really is "without heeled boots".

The 49-year-old comic compared his Britain's Got Talent co-star to famously tiny Jawas from the Star Wars franchise – who stand at three feet tall.

The anecdote began when a photo of David standing next to 61-year-old Simon flashed onto a screen, with the TV favourite musing: "I always forget how big I am until I stand next to him."

Lorraine Kelly replied: "You are quite tall, but you're not freakishly tall."

Simon's height is publicly listed as 5ft 8, whereas David's is 6ft 1.

The star giggled as he began: "I shouldn't really tell this story…" before glancing off camera as though to ponder whether or not he will share.

Deciding to risk it, David went on: "One time, we were flying back from Glasgow in a private jet – he always wears a boot with a heel and then he has his jeans.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw a very small figure as we were going through security, I thought: 'Who's that?!'"

Barely unable to speak between chuckles, David went on: "They were like: 'Simon had to take his shoes off to go through security', and honestly… Y'know when you see someone out of the corner of your eye?

"I was like: 'Who is that? I didn't know we had a Jawa on the show!"

Lorraine giggled as she told her guest: "You're going to be in so much trouble."

Shrugging off the remark, he replied: "I know… But the good thing is he doesn't get up until three in the afternoon."

David joked: "So he's never watched the show – he has no idea who you are!"

Britain's Got Talent fans adore watching Simon and David's love/ hate relationship, with the pair often bickering in front of the cameras and poking fun at each other in interviews.

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