Corrie’s Roy Cropper devastated as he ‘discovers dying long-lost brother’

Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper is set to suffer more heartbreak in another devastating twist for the beloved character.

The ITV soap will apparently show Roy, who is played by David Neilson, discover he has a secret sibling.

According to The Sun, the Coronation Street cast member will learn that his late mother Sylvia had an affair.

He will then find out that after getting pregnant, Sylvia proceeded to give Roy’s brother away.

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Roy will delve deeper into his past to try and get to the bottom of where his brother is.

After months of researching his brother’s whereabouts, Roy will finally have a breakthrough and find the sibling he never knew he had.

Unfortunately, when Roy goes to meet his half-brother, he receives another brutal blow.

Roy is told the painful news that his brother is terminally ill.

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A source told The Sun: “It’s a cruel twist for the much-loved characters she was so thrilled to discover he has more family after losing his mother.

“It was particularly hard for him to deal with as he’d already had to cope with his wife, Hayley, enduring a terminal illness.”

Roy first appeared on Coronation Street in July 1995.

He was originally supposed to be a secondary character, but executive producer Bryan Park granted him a more significant role in 1997.

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This heartbreaking realisation will devastate Roy who already had to come to terms with his wife Hayley’s terminal illness.

When his other half found out about her stage two pancreatic cancer, she told Roy she wanted to end her own life when the time came.

In an agonising turn of events, Hayley drank a cocktail of drugs and ended her life with her loving husband Roy by her side as she died.

Coronation Street returns to ITV tomorrow night at 7:30pm.

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